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How to do a spa facial at home

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Relax your skin, mind and body with a facial
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Knowing how to do a spa facial at home allows you to pamper yourself

Going to a spa often means you are going to get pampered, relaxed and come out looking better than ever, but it also means you're probably going to spend lots of cash. You can still feel like a VIP and look amazing in the comforts of your own space. How? By knowing how to do a spa facial at home.

Set Up Your Props

In the culinary world, the term "mise en place" is used to describe the action of putting all of your ingredients and tools near you before you begin cooking. Doing so makes the process much easier, as you don't have to run around your kitchen looking for all the items you need; they are ready and waiting for you.

Creating the same setup makes your beauty treatment more relaxing and simple. Grab a container, and fill it with all of your necessary treatment items. An even simpler way is to purchase a spa basket that already contains these luxurious items, especially if at-home spa treatments are new to you. These baskets typically feature lotions, oils, facial masks and even CDs of relaxing music.

If you aren't starting your facial treatment with an expertly pre-assembled basket, grab a towel, wash cloth, small water bowl, moisturizer, facial scrub, a blackhead remover, anti-age serum, eye gel, mask, toner and a cucumber. To make you even more relaxed, consider popping in some music that you find soothing.

Prepping Your Skin

The first order of business is getting your skin ready to receive some serious treatment. Start by filling your bowl with water and placing it in the microwave for about one minute, or until it is warm enough to create steam. Now, throw a towel over your head and place your face in the steam. This technique traps the steam and allows it to open up your pores. If you get too hot, remove the towel and step away from the steam until you and the water both cool down.

Now is the time to remove any blackheads you may have. Since your pores are opened, they should come out fairly easy. Use an extractor to attack the unattractive dots until you are satisfied with your efforts.

Use a cleanser to wash away any dirt or oil that still remains on your skin. For best results, use a product that also contains a gentle exfoliant. The rough material scrubs away any dry skin that if left can clog your pores and dull your complexion. If you don't have a wash that combines the two, simply use an exfoliant after you wash your face with cleanser.

Time For Pampering

Now that you skin is prepped, it's time for the pampering to begin. These treatments leave your skin glowing, dewy and feeling luxurious.

Apply a mask to your face, paying particular attention to your forehead, nose and cheeks. Use whatever type of mask you desire; a variety are available, including those that help to balance out your skin tone, tighten your pores or provide a soothing sensation. Avoid placing any of the mask around your eyes; instead, place cucumber slices over each. Doing so helps to quell any puffiness and leaves them feeling invigorated. Cucumber eye pads also work wonders and are easy to use and readily available whenever you require their services.

Wash the mask away and apply a toner. Doing so gets any dirt or oil that is lurking down in the depths of your pores and also helps to close them. Now is the time to also apply an anti-aging serum to your skin, to fight wrinkles and help your skin look youthful.

If chronically puffy eyes plague you, apply a soothing eye cream to help calm the swelling. Now go back over your skin with moisturizer. Doing so hydrates your face and leaves you looking refreshed and amazing.

Knowing how to do a spa facial at home allows you to receive professional-quality results at a fraction of the price.


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