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How you look with different hair color

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Changing your hair color with a wig
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Try on a blonde wig if you are a brunette and see the difference in how you look

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a platinum blonde but you are just too afraid to take the plunge? A great way to experiment with different colors is by wearing a wig. You donít have to commit and no damage is done to your actual hair.

You can be a titian haired Rita Hayworth on Monday, a platinum blonde Gwen Stefani on Tuesday and a Penelope Cruz brunette on Wednesday. This could be a lot of fun!

You donít have to have a major reason for wondering how you look with different hair color. You just want to do it because you want to know how you look with different locks. You want to discover what life is as a blonde or red head. You are curious. There is certainly no harm in that. It's as simple as having a curiosity about how you look.

Changing your coloring courtesy of a wig is a lot less costly than getting it colored by a professional and itís easy to turn back the clock if you donít like the results. Simply remove the wig. Don't want to be a brunette? Go for a platinum blond wig.


When shopping for a wig, take your ethnicity into consideration. A Caucasian woman isnít going to wear the same wig as an Asian or African American women because their strand texture is inherently different.


There are several kinds of wigs that you can choose from including a hand-tied wig. The fibers of the wig are tied to the front of the wig by hand. This results in a more natural looking hairline. Additionally, hand-tied wigs are lightweight and breathable and come in various colors (yippee!), lengths and styles. You can go curly one day and then be as straight as Cherís the next day. A hand-tied wig also affords you with styling versatility, which is an added perk.

Another type of wig that also comes in a multitude of colors is the lace front wig, which is natural looking and durable. It is made out of fine lace materials that result in a completely realistic and seamless scalp line. This type of wigs allows off-the-face parting. It will look like your actual scalp.

A third kind of wig is the monofilament wig that is made from nylon or sheer polyester material. It consists of breathable, thin fabric that lets the skin color show through for a actual looking hairline. The fibers in this wig are hand-tied to the gossamer fabric which falls naturally regardless of where you choose to put the part. If you have a sensitive scalp you may find that the monofilament wig is far less irritating than other types of wigs.

If you want to change your color by wearing a wig but youíre afraid to go too extreme try a wig that is three shades lighter or darker than your natural one.

Your stylist can trim or cut your wig if you arenít completely satisfied with the style. Getting a custom cut can make all the difference in how well your wig looks.

In addition to wigs you can also purchase stylish extension and removable pieces. Maybe you have taken the plunge and bleached blonde but now you want to have long blonde locks. An extension can give you a bun or a ponytail. Theyíre easily to clip in and create extra length, volume and texture.


If you are wearing a synthetic wig, do not open the oven. The heat that emanates from the oven can ruin the wig.

If a synthetic wig looks too shiny and fake you can put a little bit of powder on it, brush it through, and this gives your synthetic wig a more authentic and natural look.

You can dye a human hair wig or accessory just as you would dye your own. You cannot dye a synthetic wig.

Measure your head before ordering a wig.

If you are a commitment phobic yet want to take a walk on the other side and become a blonde just for the heck of it, buy a wig. Surprise your husband at the front door tonight. You and he may like the blonde wig so much that you never take it off.

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