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What is metrosexual skin care?

By April Hall
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While some men may still wash their hair and skin with a cheap bar of soap, they might regret their 'manly' decision later on when their more metrosexual friends look 10 years younger than they do
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A metrosexual skin care regime is good for every man.

One of life's harsh realities is that looking healthy and attractive in this day and age is something that impacts the lives of each and every one of us. While this doesn't seem fair to some, the truth is that looking good affects how others view us and how we perceive ourselves. It definitely has a strong influence on every aspect of our lives.


How Men Look at Skin Care Now


Having a clean, attractive appearance can help you gain everything from more lucrative employment opportunities to that girl you've had your eye on in Economics class. The new skin care standard for men has turned from simply washing their face in the shower to what is now called, somewhat humorously, metrosexuual skin care.


When it comes to men maintaining their physical appearance, they, until recently, only had to be concerned with the size of their biceps. In recent years we have seen a redefining of what it means to be an attractive male. Men have seemed to come to terms with spending time managing and maintaining a healthy, attractive appearance.


Fortunately, times are changing and many men are taking much greater personal pride in their appearance. They're breaking free of the outdated cultural ideas that claim men aren't supposed to care how they look.


So, What is a Metrosexual?


Contrary to what many traditional men may believe, this term has absolutely nothing to do with who these men are attracted to. Essentially, a metrosexual is a man who actually cares about taking care of his skin and pays attention to those aspects of his personal hygiene and appearance that were once thought to be only the realm of women and homosexual males. 



Joining the Bandwagon


Today, skin care is very important to many males—especially those involved in industries that require them to maintain their physical appearance. Models, businessmen and salesmen just to name a few are required to maintain their appearance and take care of themselves. If you are involved in a profession that calls upon you to spend a lot of time interacting with others, you might want to jump on the metrosexual skin care bandwagon!


The beauty industry is well aware of this new emphasis on men's skincare which is why every year we see the continued growth of grooming products aimed directly at men. Men no longer have to settle for the antiquated soaps, shaving creams, shampoos and other grooming products their dads used. 


For example, men now have a multitude of shaving cream choices with many products containing skin conditioners, emollients, lubricants and even vitamins. For years, men have taken care of the inside of their bodies; now it is time for a bit of emphasis on the outside.


The Advantages of Good Skin Care


While some men may still wash their hair and skin with a cheap bar of soap, they might regret that 'manly' decision later on when their more metrosexual peers look 10 years younger than they do.


For the metrosexual male there are several areas that are important and essential to maintaining a healthy appearance. There are several different hygiene essentials; however, the metrosexual skin care begins with a good facial wash and shaving cream and usually ends with a quality facial moisturizer.


Some men may choose to dive further into this new realm and have their eyebrows shaped, hair highlighted or even use a light facial powder. For most men, though, simply spending some time cleaning and moisturizing their face is a big step in the right direction.

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