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The bashful who refrain from the sun now have tanning options
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Self care heeds advice on tanning and tips for beauty

Today, too much sun and long exposures to its ultraviolet rays is somewhat of a no-no for people who are concerned about keeping their skin soft and young looking. Luckily, sunless tanning technology has produced marvelous sunless misting systems, lotions and creams for use in the home or in the spa.

A few self tanning tips may make the sunless tanning experience a memorable one and ensure a flawless tan without a touch of solar rays.

Today, one of the most popular choices for people looking for a sunless tan is a salon with a misting unit that can deliver a sunless tan in two minutes to four minutes, instead of the 20 minutes or so required in tanning sessions. The newer misting systems offer an application of tanning mist that feels like a warm puff of air instead of a wet blast from a can of spray paint.

Personal sunless tanning systems

Before selecting a salon for your sunfree tanning, be sure to investigate fully the quality of the tanning spray used in the system. The mist in today’s best personal misting systems is composed of virtually microscopic droplets, which dry in seconds with nary a streak or blotchy wet patch.

These state-of-the art units now available weigh little more than five pounds -- many can even be purchased for home use, as well as in a salon or spa. Another advantage of a compact unit is that one can make the quick touch-ups to face, legs and other silky real estate that usually is not possible in a big booth where it’s a case of spray all—or nothing.

Booth-style sunless tanning systems

The type of golden tan usually reserved for starlets and handsome Hollywood hunks often is acquired by through high-tech self-tanning systems. Do be sure to search out a licensed facility – prices at these spas may be slightly higher, but the safety and cleanliness are worth the extra few dollars per session.

Of course, you will also want to ask friends for recommendations about where to go for the best service and most flawless results.  Use social media and customer-generated content sites like Yelp, Google+ and other review sites to see what others love (or hate!) about a specific salon.

Sunless tanning from beauty products

Any list of safe self tanning tips must also include some tips about obtaining a tan from a bottle, spray can or lotion at home. Long gone are the days of the pumpkin-colored “tan”, or the “here today, gone tomorrow” self tanning creams.

Today, there are many products on the market that deliver a natural look without even a hint of orange-tinted streaks. The best of these home tanning products contain rich emollients that keep the skin soft. Some are supplemented with vitamins known to enhance skin health. More contain concentrates and esters from the blossoms of exotic plants or herbs chosen to improve skin tone, tan color or even how long the tan will last.

Watch for those LONG words on the ingredients list!

Do pass up those potentially dangerous products loaded with chemicals or petroleum-based ingredients. The price may be lower, but the risks are far higher.

After all, the skin is the body’s largest organ and absorption of what is spread upon it is inevitable. Make sure you are spreading on your body only good things.

Before you tan

It’s a good idea, too, to prepare the skin by giving it a good brushing with a body scrub, sea sponge or textured shower glove. The rubbing will remove dry flakes of skin that may, if left undisturbed, soak up more color than smooth skin.

After tanning, follow the product instructions regarding showering, swimming or sun exposure. Some products may require a time to completely “set” even after they dry, while others can cause increased sensitivity to the sun for a few hours or days after use.


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