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Summer makeup tips

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Some cool summer makeup tips

Keeping makeup looking fresh

Melting makeup and sliding eyeliner are not exactly glowing examples of summer fun and pleasure. Keeping makeup looking fresh and attractive is a real challenge in those humid and sticky dog days of August. Even when the temperature climbs to levels that would make an x-rated movie lover uncomfortable, there are some tricks of the trade that you can utilize to keep your makeup in those places where you first applied it. Consider some of these helpful summer makeuptips

1- Use a primer after a moisturizer but before applying face makeup. It is a few seconds well spent and consider it your face’s protective underwear. It provides a smooth base for whatever goes on next and will help to seal it in place. In the words of Ashunta Sheriff, New York City makeup artist; “Primers are the way to go. They’re incredibly light, they don’t feel at all like an additional layer and they really help hold makeup in place.

2- Lighten your usual shade of face makeup for the summer months. Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation because it is lighter and less likely to cake on those days when you could toast a piece of bread on the sidewalk.

3- Apply bronzer to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits: your forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. In the words of New York City makeup artist, Troy Surratt: “Bronzer makes your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter. Everyone looks better with a little warmth added to their skin.”

Help at the beach

4- While at the beach, another summer makeup tip concerns using natural tones for lip colors. Avoid heavier lipsticks and opt instead for lip balms and glosses for a change. You can keep those neutral shades, and experiment with just one area of your face; i.e., a bright lipstick. If you are a fan of liquid lipstick, heed this summer makeup tip and keep it in a cool place at all times. How about inside the soda cooler?

5- Avoid using eye-creams on your eyelids during the warmer months. For longer lasting eye shadow, smooth on an eye primer instead. According to Sharona Schweitzer, Seattle make up artist: “It will minimize creasing and create a base for the shadow to cling to so it lasts longer. Apply your regular pencil or cream liner, then use a small angled brush to press dark shadow over the liner to set it for longer wear.”

6- Give waterproof mascaras another chance. Today’s formulas make them much better than they used to be.

7- Go sheer. A dewy face with the lightest veil of translucent powder is the right summer look. Rich deep colors work well in other seasons but not summer. Due to the fact that sheer colors are subtler, it is hard to overdo it.

What can you do for your hair?

8- Protect your hair from the harshness of the sun and wind by wearing a trendy hat or cap. Also use deep conditioning products to tame your hair, especially if it is curly and tends to frizz as the humidity increases.

Help for your feet

9- Be nice to your feet (and they will be nice to you). Before wearing sandals, sprinkle some foot powder on your feet to prevent blisters from forming. If you still feel shoe-on-skin rubbing, either protect the sensitive area with a bandage before the blister forms or give up and give the shoes to some unsuspecting passerby.

Enjoy the warmer weather and these helpful summer makeup tips.

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