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Tips for long hair

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tips for long hair
Planning to grow your hair long? Finding a trusted stylist who will support your decision with tips, products and guidance is an important first step.
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Making a commitment to grow long hair: Ten tips for hair care, health and beauty

Luxurious, healthy, shinning long hair is something that many women desire, and struggle to attain.  Of course, it’s impossible to grow long hair overnight (unless you opt for hair extensions or wigs.)  However there are many steps women can take to help speed up the process of growing long hair, and to ensure the health and quality of their locks.  In fact many women aren’t even aware that these simple tips for long hair can make such a significant difference. 

Once you have made the commitment to grow your hair long, it is crucial to find a trusted hair dresser, stylist, or beauty professional who will support your decision, and provide you with guidance, products and tips for long hair throughout the growth process.  If you do visit different stylists at points throughout the process, be sure to inform them of your goal. 

Ten Helpful Tips For Long Hair:

1)    Typically, hair is genetically programmed to grow at maximum rate of six inches per year.  Hair tends to grow slower in the winter and more rapidly in the summer.  If you are trying to grow your hair long, it is important to be aware of your diet, any medications you take, and environmental factors.  Some prescription medications can slow hair growth.  A balanced, nutritious diet will speed up the growing process and improve hair health.  Environmental factors such as weather, sunlight, air and water pollutants or chemicals can damage hair and slow hair growth.  If you are striving for long, healthy hair, avoid smoking, caffeine and carbonated sodas.

2)    Thyroid dysfunctions are the most common source of hair problems.  An underactive thyroid can lead to greasy and limp hair, while an overactive thyroid can result in extremely dry or brittle hair.  If either of these conditions applies to your hair, consult your doctor for a thyroid test.  Supplements to improve thyroid health are widely available.

3)    As strange as it sounds, it is important to keep your hair trimmed regularly to promote rapid growth.  Schedule a trim every 8-10 weeks.  Stress to your hair stylist that you only want a “dusting” as opposed to a “trim”.  A dusting is the term for the most minimal trim that removes only the split ends.

4)    Invest in high quality or salon-quality hair care products.  Avoid drug store products that contain sulfate related ingredients or silicon based ingredients.  These additives can be quite harsh and drying and can accelerate hair breakage and split ends.

5)    Wash your hair regularly, but do not over-wash, as daily shampooing can be damaging to delicate hair.  Never apply shampoo directly from a bottle to your hair.  Pour a quarter sized amount of the product into your palm, mix with some warm water and create a lather in your hands and gently apply the lather to your hair.  

6)    Conditioning is critical for hair health.  Always follow your shampoo with a rinse out conditioner, however, do not condition your scalp or top of your head.  Start at the top of your ears and massage the conditioner down the length of your hair.  Applying conditioner directly to the scalp can lead to clogging of the hair follicles, which can ultimately delay growth

7)    Brush or comb your hair properly.  Invest in a high quality brush, preferably a brush with natural, not plastic bristles, and a wooden base.  Wooden wide tooth combs are the best type of combs to use.  Brush your locks only when they are completely dry, as hair is in its weakest condition when it is wet, and can be more easily damaged at those times.

8)    Use only hair-friendly accessories such as soft or fabric wrapped elastic bands, smooth hair clips, snag-less barrettes, and headbands of natural materials rather than plastic.  Easy glide satin pillow cases can help you to avoid damaging, tangling or breaking your hair while you are sleeping.

9)     Beauty rest is not a myth.  Lack of sleep can indeed decrease the rate of hair growth.  To grow at the maximum rate of six inches a year, experts recommend between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

10)    Take your vitamins.  The best vitamins for improving hair growth are B-complex vitamins including B-6, folate, biotin and inositol, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, various herbs such as nettle, and horsetail and oils such as Flaxseed oil.

Ultimately, growing hair long can be a learning process to help you determine the best products, care, vitamins and diet for your hair.  If you are considering whether to grow your hair long, the first step is to consult both your doctor and your personal stylist for additional tips for long hair.

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