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What is botanical skin care?

By Matt Williamson
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Botanical skin care keeps your skin looking vibrant without using harmful chemicals that are often found in most skin care products
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Keep it natural.

What is botanical skin care? These natural skin care products contain ingredients that are clean, pure, and have very pleasant scents. Why are they important?

Although few people think of it as such, the skin is actually the largest organ of the human body. Unlike the vast majority of the body's organs, it is constantly exposed to the outside world. It forms a protective barrier, which is essential in preserving overall health. The skin absorbs certain nutrients and expels by-products. It is quite vulnerable to the sun's degradational rays, irritants, and a host of fungi and bacteria. Although there are many problems the skin can encounter, most of us simply want it to look good.


Botanical skin care products can help to balance and nourish your skin without nasty buildup or clogging your pores. These products allow your skin to breathe; they completely absorb and become a part of your skin's health. They have also been touted as being anti-aging and can be used on ultra-sensitive skin.

Botanical skin care products can be used on all skin types. These products can assist you to balance your skin if it's dry, oily, normal, mature, or even if you have acne. When cleaning your face, you will thoroughly remove dirt and makeup without drying your skin or leaving a residue. These products may also increase skin's cell growth.

What to Look For

A multitude of skin care products claim to be botanical or natural, but not all are. Here are a few things that you should look ask when considering purchasing a botanical product.

  • Does it remove dead skin cells without damaging your skin?
  • Are your skin's functions restored after treatment?
  • Is new skin regeneration uninterrupted?
  • Does the product support cellular functioning?
  • Are you able to use this product twice a day without any irritation to your skin?

To find out whether your skin care products are truly organic or not, check the ingredients. They should contain 100 percent organic materials. Ingredients such as petroleum bases or artificial fragrances are not natural. Instead, try using natural moisturizing body lotion and other products with organic ingredients.

So what is botanical skin care? To sum it up, natural, organic skin care products should cleanse, nourish, repair, enhance, and smooth whatever type of skin that you have. Keeping a healthy glow and youthful appearance is an ongoing process, but using natural products can assist you in maintaining healthy skin.

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