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Why natural botanicals are good for your skin

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Cleopatra certainly knew about (and used) botanicals
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Natural botanicals possess what your skin no longer produces but needs

What is a botanical? The name really does make sense: it is a potent plant or oil extract acquired from herbs, flowers, seeds, nuts, berries and roots.

Natural botanicals good for your skin because they address many issues, including the signs of aging, pigmentation alteration and redness. This is not a new concept. Even Cleopatra was onto botanicals. The modern beauty finds her botanicals in
luxury skin care products that combine the healing and beautifying elements of a variety of plants and plant derivatives.


Seeds are amazing. They are potent additives providing concerted nutrition for skin. Inside every seed is the capacity to supply new life coupled with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins.

For example, camellia seed oil supplies oisture to your skin because it consists of nutritive oleic acids.

Flowers and Plants

Those rosehips on your rose plant have been used for years and years as a moisturizing and cleansing product. Black cumin possesses a bevy of antioxidants which, when put on the skin, repairs and regenerates it.

When using oils from plants, they plump up the skin because oils are fat loving (lipophilic). When applied, the oil passes through the lipid layer. This cushions skin and keeps water from leaving.

Oils from the moringa tree seeds, as well as those from Sacha Inchi seeds, are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, which are renowned for the anti-inflammatory capabilities. Additionally, Omega 3 assists in regulating the production of skin oil, rids and prevents dull, dry skin, protects against sun, assists in skin regeneration and repair and hydrates.

It is inevitable: At some point you will get wrinkles, if you donít already have them. Take preemptive measures and start safeguarding your skin early on.

Consider a collagen cream. When young, skin is full of collagen and elastic, which make the skin firm and able to rebound. When older, collagen disappears. Collagen cream containing alklanet root softens and moisturizes the skin as well as provides what older skin is naturally lacking.

Additionally, when the cream contains antarcticine, which is found in the Antarctic, this botanical provides maximum benefit to your skin. Antarcticine assists the skin in retaining water, prompts softness and smoothness and prevents dryness. After using collagen cream for a month or less there is an increase in collagen and elastin, both vitally important, as well as a decrease in wrinkles.

Consider using products containing rice bran oil, which East Asian women have been using for years. The squalene present in rice bran oil is an organic product, which human skin naturally produces. It serves as a moisturizing lubricant, resulting in velvety smooth skin.

Other botanicals such as vitamin E and gamma oryzanol lessen tissue oxidation. This slows down the aging process.

Another consideration: Jojoba oil. If you have damaged, dry skin or are afflicted with acne or rosacea this is the product you need because it fights bacterial growth, which result in breakouts. It contains most of the minerals and vitamins needed for healthy, beautiful, acne-free skin.

Does your face cream have beeswax in it? If it doesnít, get some that does because beeswax creates a protective barrier on the skinís surface, safeguarding against irritants while also serving as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin, and an emollient. It allows your skin to breathe. Moreover, beeswax serves as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.
Olive oil isnít just for cooking. Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin A and E and consists of four prime antioxidants. It protects skin, cleans and moisturizes, restoring elasticity, which is what you want.

The polyphenols and phytosterols in olive oil neutralize those blasted free radicals that damage skin. Olive oil does not clog pores even though it penetrates deeply. It provides a protective barrier, safeguarding the skinís surface.

Why in the world wouldn't you want to use a botanical on your face? It's a win-win situation.

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