Dog themed jewelry and other gifts

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Dog themed jewelry is just one of the gifts you can get for a dog lover
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Give the pet lover in your life dog themed jewelry and gifts

Is there a dog lover in your life?

When it's time to buy a gift for them, give them something they're certain to love when you select dog themed jewelry, dog charms, clothing and other gifts that feature their favorite kinds of four-footed friends. Here are some ideas for the reasons to celebrate and the right gift for every canine fan on your shopping list.

When a new puppy joins the family

Celebrate the addition of a new pet with a breed specific gift.  A necklace or bracelet with a doggie charm is a wonderful way to mark the occasion. Or if the new pet own already has a charm bracelet, a new dangle or link-style charm would be a welcome addition to their collection. There are even "mutt" style charms to honor a new pet with a more diverse heritage.

Don't forget to give the new arrival a gift, too. A food or water bowl, a leash, collar or special chew toy are all sure to be welcome by both the pup and its proud person.

When a dog wins in confirmation, agility or obedience

It's great to win a trophy or ribbon, but why not give the proud owner or trainer something they can see every day? Start or add to an Italian charm bracelet with charms to commemorate every win. Choose breed charms, or specialty charms for the type of competition. It's a gift that's sure to be appreciated by any dog lover.

For birthdays, anniversaries and holidays

No matter what the occasion, a true dog lover will be happiest celebrating with dog themed jewelry, clothing or collectibles.

How about a mug featuring a favorite breed, or a set of kitchen linens embroidered with the breed image? T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and jackets featuring dog pictures or sayings are always popular with canine fanciers, too. For the home, look for needlepoint pillows, craft sets and framed art.

If the dog lover has an office, consider a dog-themed desk set, pen, picture frame or mouse pad. That way they can keep reminders of their beloved pets with them even when they're away from home.

Check the vendors at dog shows for even more dog-lover gifts, like bathroom accessories, dishes, sleepwear, car gear and suitcases.

When a beloved pet has passed

If a dog lover in your life is grieving because a canine companion has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, consider sending a gift in addition to a sympathy card. A memorial plaque, a charm or other piece of jewelry or a statue that looks like the dog is a thoughtful choice.

If you have a good photo of the pet and its person, frame it and enclose it with the card and gift.

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