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Walking dogs
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How to walk your dog and have an enjoyable outing

We've all had an unruly animal in our lives; some human owners have been known to cower in the corner before attempting excursions outdoors because they've been pulled, prodded, and yanked across the asphalt so many times before, pulling the leash to no avail.

They quite simply can't take it anymore.

Fortunately, there are many different training guides online, in class, and beyond. Here, we'll delve into a few quick methods from some of the best minds in the pet business in order to give you ways to make your next outdoor excursion a memorable, enjoyable, and ultimately satisfying one for both furry and non-furry creatures alike.

Cesar's Way

Dog trainer extraordinaire (aka Cesar Millan) offers some fantastic insight into the question of how to walk your dog properly. To him, it all starts with being recognized as the pack leader. Here are a few quick tips from the trainer himself:

    • Walk in front of your animal: Notice next time you're out with your canine compadre, take a gander at whether it's you or him who is leading the expedition. Cesar says that to be viewed as the pack leader -- and conversely, be the one who controls the animal -- you should move in front of your pet. Be the first one out the front door and be the first one in on the return home, as well. Keep the animal at your side or behind you in order to show dominance and leadership. They follow you, period.
    • Try to out in the morning: Your furry friends are diurnal -- Wait, what does that mean? Well, quite simply, they're active in the daytime like you. Cesar says to set aside around a half hour to a full hour for a full training session. 
    • Use a shorter leash in the beginning: Cesar himself offers a wide variety of pet training aids for spent owners. One is the Illusion Dog Collar&Leash System which allows you to train the animal properly by correcting mistakes in a firm, yet gentle manner. Millan wants owners to shorten their leash by attaching it to the top of the neck area which will give owners more control over their pet.
    • Reward your pet: After coming home, give your hardworking pet a meal so that he or she connects success and good behavior with food, treats, and other such delicious rewards.

    More with Cesar

    Cesar offers a "walking section" in his blogspot where the latest questions from stumped owners can be found. Cesar answers each question and it's a helpful section for those looking to find out more information on the subject. Topics covered include:

    • Pet insecurity
    • Disinterest
    • Pulling
    • Working with multiple animals
    • Outdoor behaviors
    • Puppies, leashes, and much more

    Cesar's blogspot offers a great deal of information for voracious readers/pet owners and it's a great place to head in order to answer some of your most pressing questions revolving around your canine companion.

    Proper Methods

    As many owners know, your animal doesn't come pre-programmed with the requisite knowledge they need to work with you, the leash, and the various interesting smells abounding during your trip outside. Thus, how to walk your dog becomes about patience and compassion in the owner as well as proper training methods.

    In essence, to teach an animal the correct way to do things involves never letting them pull at any time. All of these early excursions will be training sessions, plain and simple. In the end, though, with the proper training and an owner who cares enough to enforce the law, these outdoor activities can become the high point of the day for each of you.

    For more information, be sure to head over to Pets WebMD to learn additional information on training methods, behavior, park etiquette, and much more.


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