Ideas for dog Halloween costumes

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Let your dog get in on Halloween fun!
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Your dog will be the cat's meow in these Halloween costumes

Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday of the year. The kids and I have a great time dressing up, walking around and seeing the spooky decorations, and of course, eating candy. So why should our dog get in on the fun, too? 

Thankfully she can. Last year we saw a local contest where they judged pets wearing dog Halloween costumes, and we decided to get our pup in it. There were fancy costumes and homemade costumes, and everyone had a great time. 

If you want to get your dog in on the Halloween experience this year, here are some ideas for creating dog Halloween costumes that are safe, fun and (mostly!) affordable! 

Portrait of the dog as a young artist

OK, so that's not how the title really goes, but it works for me. I was browsing the dog clothes in a catalog and noticed that some of the sweaters looked more like turtleneck tops. That made me think of the classic artist image. Just add a beret, some splatters of dog-safe paint and before you know it, you have a dog-turned artist.

Is your pet an angel...or devil? There's your costume! 

A simple cape style dog Halloween costume makes it easy to dress even wiggly dogs in a snap. The easiest to use versions come complete with the strap on or step-into cape and a matching headpiece with a chin strap to keep it in place.

Add doggie booties in black, orange or red for devils or white, silver or gold for angels to add a finishing touch. 

How about a Halloween wedding? 

If you have two dogs, or decide to dress up with a friend's pup, how about a bride and groom dog costume?  You can buy a ready made set (easier, for sure) or make your own from a white t-shirt for her and black t-shirt for him. Adjust the size so your pets can walk without tripping, then add a paper top hat for him and veil for her. Just remember to add chin straps to keep them in place during trick-or-treating. 

The Zombie Dog Apocalypse

Zombies are all the rage these days, so why not use some of those awesome zombie accessories to deck out your dog for Halloween?  

The best thing about zombies is that they all started out as something else before they got infected, so you can start with almost any dog costume, then add rips, dirt, non-toxic fake blood and other details to "zombize" it. 

Dress up as a zombie yourself, then head out to spread the holiday joy -- after all, it is infectious if you're a zombie! 

Go for the ironic, the geek or the techno

A dog dressed as a hot dog, Scooby Doo or Underdog has a wonderful irony to it. Or geek out with your dog in coordinating (or matching!) Star Wars, StarTrek or Avengers costumes. Or even better, gather a group of friends and their dogs and do the whole cast of your favorite sci fi film. (Why not stream your fave sci-fi flick, and pick out the characters you and your dogs will play!)

Prefer a more tech bend, or maybe an online vibe? Create a robo-dog by drawing mock circuit boards on a solid black or green dog sweater, or dress your dog up as your favorite video game character

Keep it safe

No matter what costume you choose, make sure it's safe for you and your pet. Keep costumes out of the way of feet to prevent tripping or tangling  If you use Halloween make up or fake blood, make sure it's tested to be pet safe. And as you fill your treat bag, keep the candy well away from your dog, and buy your pet their very own doggie-approved pet treats.

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