Should dogs sleep in your bed

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Dog in bed
This dog is happy. But are you?
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Should dogs sleep in your bed, or not? We look at some of the answers

Are you one of the pet owners who lets your dog sleep with you on your bed? Is so, you're not alone. More than half of U.S. households that own pets let their dogs and cats sleep in bed with them. It's a tough thing to turn down those sad puppy eyes, isn't it? But, when it comes down to it, should dogs really be sleeping in your bed?

Allergies, Dogs, and You

According to most allergists and doctors, for those children or adults who suffer from pet allergies or asthma, pets in beds shouldn't be allowed. The family dog should be kept in another room or outside, depending on weather conditions. Experts recommend a HEPA filter for those suffering from indoor (pet related) allergies.

For owners that can't abide by these doggie guidelines, there are allergy shots and over-the-counter medications one can take if allergies begin to rule your life in a negative way. According to WebMD, if you're not allergic, there's not really any underlying issue against having your dog in the bed with you. As long as your sleep isn't disturbed and Fido doesn't bark at every passing car or cat outside your window, it's okay.

Contrast these statements, though, with this:

Sleeping with Your Dog Can Kill You -- Wait, Say What?!

Uh, W-H-A-T?!  Come again?  In an article by Andrew Schneider, a Senior Public Health Correspondent, certain veterinary scientists are now saying that sleeping with your pet increases your chances of certain not-so-desirable communicable diseases. What type you ask?  Parasites, the plague, and more. "Okay, Fido, I think it's best if you slept outside for a while."

Now, before you light your bed on fire and jump out the window to get away from your eight inch tall Chihuahua, calm yourself. Dr. Bruno Chomel says, "...there are risks associated with it, even if it is not very frequent." They make the case that children or adults with poor immune systems could have issues if a disease was ever passed on to them by their pet. 

A caveat in all this for dog owners -- It seems that cats have more prevalent diseases that are often more serious in nature. So, let the dog sleep with you if you must, but kick the cat out. 

More Positive Aspects of Dog Ownership

The risks associated with being a pet owner are real, but shouldn't cause serious worry.  Keep your pet on a flea program, use the correct pet supplies, take them to regular vet check-ups, try not to kiss your pets, and listen to what your vet has to say on all matters concerning the health of your dog. Easy enough, right?

Let's end on a positive note. The CDC reports that pet ownership may actually help to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and help with feelings of loneliness. Pet owners tend to get more exercise, socialize more often, and find themselves taking part in outdoor activities on a more regular basis. In the end, though, it's up to you and your judgement on how you answer should dogs sleep in your bed?


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