How to choose your pet store

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Pet store
Choose a pet store that will keep you and your pet happy
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Follow these tips on how to choose your pet store that fits your pet's needs

Whether you are a new pet owner or have had pets for years, it is important to have a pet store available to you that meets both you and your pet's needs. Pet stores provide a one-stop shopping center for pets as they are equipped with pet food, supplies, toys and equipment such as litter boxes, carrying crates and collars. Unfortunately, not all pet stores may be created equally and some may be better equipped and suited to meet your needs. Do some research before choosing your pet store and follow the tips below to help you make the best choice.

Serves a variety of pets

When selecting a pet store, you must ensure that it can cater to your pet's needs. Pet stores may vary in size and inventory and some stores may only sell items that are meant for small animals such as fish, birds, lizards and gerbils. Hence, phone the store initially, read its website or ask other people how large the store is and what supplies they stock. There is no point in going to a store that doesn't service dogs, cats or horses if that is what you have!

Product Selection

In addition to selling items that your pet will need, such as food, collars and hygienic cleansers, you should select a store that also gives you a variety of items to choose from. Some stores may sell only a brand name or deal with a specific company and hence be limited in what they offer.

For instance, a pet store may sell only one specific type and brand name of cat and dog food. This type of food may be suitable, but it may not be the specific type you are seeking or were recommended by a veterinarian or friend. Ask store employees if they are specific to one type of company or brand and if so ask why - they may have some valid reasons you haven't considered! Otherwise, ask them if they are able to order in the products you desire or seek another store that does.

Friendly and Informative

Another key factor in choosing a pet store is based on the service provided by the staff and owners. A good store will have friendly employees who greet you upon arrival and and are there to assist you with anything you are trying to find.

Furthermore, employees should be able to answer any questions you have about the needs of you pet related such as the optimal foods to meet its nutritional needs or which cat litter fights against odors the best. Staff should also know when not to overstep their boundaries and recommend you speak with a veterinarian or professional should your pet be at risk or currently suffering from an illness.


The pet store you choose should be accessible to you, meaning that it isn't too far out of your way to travel to when needed. Just like with the gym, you are less likely to put off getting to the store for the things your pet needs if it's along your daily driving route. In addition to convenience, a good pet store should also be accessible in terms of money costs. Look for a store that sells quality items but at a good, cost-effective price so you don't break the bank for your pet.

Above all, remember that choosing your pet store doesn't have to be a difficult process. Look for a store that offers variety, knowledge and convenience to eliminate exhausting search efforts and find the perfect place for you - and Fido.

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