What to do after the first date

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Keep the magic happening by contacting your date the right way
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After the first date, it's all about being friendly and subtle

If you had a good date, you likely canít wait to go on another one. But what is the proper dating etiquette nowadays? Since it changes all the time, itís pretty common to not know what to do after the first date.

And if you do the wrong thing, well, you might have to kiss that awesome second date goodbye. Following up with your prospective beau after the first date in the right way increases your chances of scoring another.


Although it may sound impersonal, sending a text is actually an accepted and preferred way of communication for some. Sending a quick text that thanks the person for the date is sweet, to the point and creates a good impression. And try to work in an aspect of your date into the text, as well.

For instance, you could say ďThanks for the date last night. Iím still laughing about that story of you and your brother when you were kids.Ē This shows your date you were paying attention and are genuinely interested in hearing about him or her. Wait until the next day to send this friendly text.

Send Flowers

Sending gorgeous flowers after the first date may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it is a romantic touch that is sure to be appreciated. Just about any girl loves flowers and canít resist their sweet scent. So go ahead and surprise her at the office or send them to her house.

Sheíll call you to thank you and then you can set up the next date.

Send a Gift

So your guy might not like flowers, but you can still send him a token of appreciation. If heís a coffee connoisseur, send him a bag of gourmet coffee. If he likes barbecue, send him a few bottles of his favorite sauce. And this isnít just for guys; the ladies enjoy receiving gifts, as well. Use your imagination and surprise your date with a sweet gift.

A Phone Call

Calling your prospective sweetheart after the first date allows you to stay in touch and thank him or her for a good time. In this day and age, there are no rules about who should call or how long to wait. If you want a second date, go ahead and pick up the phone. It sure beats sitting around waiting for someone else to make the move.

What NOT to Do

Although showing up at your dateís house unannounced the next day might seem like a good idea to you, itís not. Not only will you put the person on the spot, you may walk into something you donít want to see, like another date sitting there. And if you donít plan on seeing the person again, donít lead him or her on. A simple text afterwards that says, ďThanks for the date. Good luck to youĒ is nice, but also lets that person know you donít plan on seeing him or her again.

Following proper after first date etiquette is easy and will likely get you what youíre after: a second date.


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