The basic beliefs of Mormonism

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Book of Mormon
In Mormonism, believing in God means more than theoretically adhering to his teachings; it means showing faith through action
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What do Mormons believe?

Mormonism is a religion that many people have heard of, but don't entirely understand. Here is a closer look into the basic beliefs of Mormonism.


Mormons believe in God in heaven and that He created humans in His image. They believe that God is immortal and that he knows every human being on earth personally. They also believe that the story of His son, Jesus Christ is a guide all people should follow and that prophets, sent by God, wrote the scriptures to teach humankind of His Word. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were given divine authority (priesthood) to speak for God, share his message and blessings with humankind and direct God's church. Peter, James, John and other apostles were also given this authority and their words were recorded for future generations.

Mormons believe that those who follow the prophets will receive God's blessings and grow closer to Him and those who do not will distance themselves from God and will eventually land in a place called apostasy, or spiritual darkness. In Mormonism, believing in God means more than theoretically adhering to his teachings; it means showing faith through action and power. You have to trust God and live your life according to His Word.


The scriptures are very important in the Mormon faith. It is believed that the scriptures show the pattern of God reaching out to his children by revealing his gospel through a prophet who in turn, shares this knowledge with the people. When people either do not believe, or turn away from God and his teachings, God in turn takes away his priesthood and the gospel is lost. When people are prepared to follow again, God reveals a new gospel and restores His priesthood. Such periods are called dispensations.

The Mormon faith believes that a period called the Great Apostasy occurred after Jesus Christ was crucified. People were cruel to one another and members of the church were killed. Believers drifted and the priesthood authority was taken from the earth. This period of apostasy led to the creation of many churches and a dissension amongst believers. Without priestly authority, mankind had to depend on people to decipher the scriptures, which led to false ideas being spread as truth. This continued for many generations and the true meaning was lost.

It is believed that these divine truths have been restored by God for the last time, never to be removed again, by the latter-day prophet Joseph Smith (an American religious figure who founded the Latter Day Saint movement who was murdered in June of 1844). According to Mormon faith, Brigham Young was called by God to assume the leadership of the movement when Smith died and as leaders have passed, God has called their successors into place. The current leader is Gordon B Hinckley.


Mormons believe that family is the most important of all the human relationships and that marriage and children are a focal point of God's plan for us. They believe that the time we spend in and with our family prepares us for eternal life in a family. Successful marriages and families are based on the principles of Jesus Christ and the examples given through his life. These principles include prayer, faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, compassion, respect, forgiveness, work and respectful recreational activities. A home based on these beliefs is a place of love and safety, a refuge to come to and know love and joy.


Mormons believe that life on earth is a time to learn, grow and ready ourselves for our life with God. Once we find God and Jesus, we will gain entry to eternal life. The basic beliefs of Mormonism include following some important commandments.


            1. Obedience to God's commandments

            2. Pray Often

            3. Study the Scriptures

            4. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

            5. Baptism and Confirmation

            6. Follow the Prophet

            7. Live the Law of Chastity

            8. Obey the Word of Wisdom

            9. Live the Law of Tithing

            10. Observe the Law of the Fast

            11. Obey and Honor the Law

            12. Endure to the End


There are many elements to the faith of this religion; the above information is a brief look into the basic beliefs of Mormonism.

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