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Support your faith with popular Christian fiction and non-fiction books
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Christian books inspire, invite prayer, share true-life stories, or offer compelling fictional characters facing the challenges of modern life. In fact, the best selling single volume book of all time is a Christian classic. The Bible is believed to have produced over six billion dollars in sales.

Great Christian books stand the test of time, bringing inspiration to readers years after their initial release. The Christian books on our list continue to draw in readers and provide faith and hope to those who turn their pages.

Inspirational Facing Your Giants: A David and Goliath Story for Everyday People by Max Lucado is a popular inspirational Christian book. This book takes a profound look at the life of David and shows how everyone, despite their size or strength, can beat the giants, or obstacles, in their lives. This book focuses on how God provides strength to all who accept it.

Reverend Charles Monroe Sheldon's What Would Jesus Do? is a compilation of two original novels that have been on book shelves for over 100 years and is, listed as the tenth best-selling book of all time. This book asks readers to think of what Christ would do when faced with the problems and conflicts we face in modern life. The words encourage people to live as Jesus would.

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, revolves around the premise that nothing in life is an accident, God has a hand in everything and every human being has a divine purpose. Recognizing that the number forty is spiritually significant in The Bible, the book is set up as a forty-day immersion plan meant to inspire readers to create a worshipful, faith driven life.

True life

90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story by Don Piper and Cecil Murphey tells the story of Baptist Minister Don Piper and a devastating accident during which he was pronounced dead at the scene. In the ninety minutes following, he remembers hearing enchanting music and meeting people who affected his life. He writes about feeling a deep sense of peace, until he is suddenly returned to the "real world" through another minister's prayer. This book offers hope to those doubting the possibility of the after-life and evidence of its existence to those who do.

Confessions by Saint Augustine is an autobiography, which shows that redemption is possible. Once a great sinner, Augustine's attention and loyalty were captured by God and the man became one of the most influential theologians of the early Church. Augustine's work shows humankind that the power of sin cannot be overcome by human effort, only by God's work.


The Book of Common Prayer by Thomas Cranmer was first published in 1549 and became the foundational prayer book of the Church of England.

Daily Light on the Daily Path is a Christian daily devotional scripture published by Samuel Bagster in 1875. This book is reprinted often and is made up of brief groupings of scripture passages, which speak of well-known Biblical themes.

Traditional fiction

The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which is to Come by John Bunyon was first published in 1678. This Christian allegory is regarded as one of the most significant works of English literature and has been translated into more than one hundred languages. The book tells the story of Christian, an everyman character, who travels from the "City of Destruction" (Earth) to the "Celestial City" (Heaven) of Zion. Along the way, Christian meets various characters such as Faithful, Giant Despair and Hopeful.

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ by Lew Wallace is one the most famous and best selling Christian books. Published in 1880, this historical fiction is set amongst the characters of the New Testament and is the first work of fiction to be blessed by a Pope. The story revolves around two storylines: the story of Jesus and the story of Ben-Hur with the central characters, Judah Ben-Hur (Prince of the Hebrew house of Hur) and his best friend Messala, (Roman) who grow up to be enemies. Ben-Hur eventually finds peace through his relationship with God.

Contemporary fiction

Left Behind (A series) by New York Times and USA Today's best selling authors Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. The first book, Left Behind tells the story of The Rapture, the event spoken of in The Bible where Christ returns to Earth and takes all the believers to meet The Lord. Worldwide, survivors search for missing loved ones and discover the truth of what occurred. This series continues to be amongst the best selling Christian books.

The Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis, the author of the children's classic The Chronicles of Narnia is a devotional book written from the viewpoint of a senior devil. The devil, named Screwtape, tells the story of the war of the soul through a series of letters and he and his apprentice, Wormwood use reverse theology to explore themes such as temptation and salvation.

Karen Kingsbury is a popular Christian writer whose many books are often distinguished members of the best sellers list. Her Baxter Family series, Redemption, Firstborn and Sunrise tell of the family and their relationships with one another and with God and explore themes such as hopelessness, love, honor and faithfulness.

Check out your local bookstores and libraries for these books, and others by the same writers. Ask friends and family for recommedations for books that have made a difference in their lives or join a Christian book club or reading group to find people who share your interest in inspiration

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