Finding religious greeting cards

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Finding religious greeting cards that mean something to you is worth the effort

Many momentous occasions call for a greeting card because they leave the giver at a loss for words. Itís hard to express emotional sentiments regardless of whether youíre ecstatic with congratulations or overcome with sorrow. While itís easy to find options that rhyme or have a clever punch line, you have to dig a little more if you want something spiritual. 

Finding religious greeting cards may be a challenge in local pharmacies, but you still have plenty of options. Where to begin depends in part on where you live and which religion youíre seeking a card message from. Gift shops are rare finds in holy buildings, but you can find items created by spiritual artists online and in a few unexpected places.

Spiritual print shops

A number of organizations produce a variety of spiritual greeting cards to help support institutions. Patronizing these shops makes a world of difference for churches, temples, synagogues and the practitioners who rely on them.

Those who dedicate their lives to their beliefs often enjoy sharing the joy of their faith with others. Building a business focused solely on religious gifts, books, candles, art and other valued items is one way to celebrate faith while supporting its foundations. Many of these stores existed long before people had computers in their homes, let alone felt comfortable shopping on the internet. 

Fortunately these businesses adapted to the times and made their products available online. This means they can reach far more customers and you can find just about any type of message youíre looking to send. In addition to producing an assortment of cards for Baptisms, Bat Mitzvahs or Confirmations, youíll find the messages and artwork from these smaller vendors to be more personal and heartfelt overall. 

Independent craft businesses

Etsy, Artfire, Deviant Art and other online communities provide a platform for creative people to sell their goods directly to consumers. These merchants offer every sort of card you can want, often with customization options (though these require some advanced notice in order to ship on time).

Physical stores

Finding religious greeting cards at physical stores is sometimes a simple matter of timing. Larger companies with distribution in chain stores usually offer a handful of options for individual occasions, and stock up when the big holidays like Christmas, Easter and Hanukkah come around. 

Itís worth checking your local vintage or thrift stores for some old school designs with classic messages. Finding a card from the 1950s that captures precisely what you want to say today underscores the timelessness and universality of your practice, adding more power to the sentiment.

Book distributors

Religious publishers tend to focus on books, but many also sell cards directly on their websites. If you happen to live in a big city, you may actually have a bookshop that caters to your practice. Alternatively, larger independent book stores may stock a few options. Barnes and Noble and Amazon also offer these items online, but whether your local B&N stocks them depends entirely on the size of the physical store and population it serves.


Thereís nothing better than receiving a handmade card. Grab construction paper and colored pencils or crowns and take some time to create a one-of-a-kind one for somebody special. Share a meaningful quote or poem, or try your hand at an illustration or expressing your faith through a symbol. Artistic talent isnít nearly as important as the thought you put into it.

If youíre in a bind and donít have time to order your favorite cards online, a number of sites offer printable ones that you can colorize yourself for that personal touch. Shutterfly offers a range of greetings and invitations with beautiful designs that you can customize with a photograph.

Finding religious greeting cards is a meaningful way to explore how other people who share your beliefs express them. Keep looking and soon youíll find a perfect one youíll feel good about giving to someone you care about.

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