Raising Christian children

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family dinner
Make family dinners a priority. A sit-down meal is an ideal time and place to pray together, enjoy a Bible devotion and have a family discussion.
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Valuable tips and resources for parents dedicated to raising a Christian family

Raising Christian children is one of life's most demanding but rewarding jobs.  The truth of the matter is that all conscientious parents have moments when they question or doubt their own ability and competency to achieve this life-altering task.  If you face one of these moments, don't panic!  It is no indication that you are going to fail. 

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If you are a parent struggling with the endeavor of raising Christian children, here are some helpful tips and resources.

1)    There are three critical qualities for parents focused on raising Christian children.  These qualities are cheerfulness, authoritative command and consistency.  According to child trainer and dedicated Christian author Michael Pearl everyone is attracted to Joy.  Children will do anything for one who enjoys them.  Firm and consistent child discipline is a key element of authoritative command.

2)    The church is an important part of your child's Christian journey. Gathering with other Christians provides the strength, wisdom, and teachings necessary to live a fulfilling Christian life every day.  Attending church regularly as a family is a critical step in the process of raising Christian children.

3)    Set aside time during your busy daily routine to read the Bible and discuss the meanings and significance of various lessons and Scriptures.  Instead of reading bedtime stories at night, try reading the Bible with your children for 15 minutes.

4)    Make family dinners a priority.  A sit-down meal is an ideal time and place to pray together, enjoy a Bible devotion and have a family discussion. Don't stress about serving gourmet or fancy dinners.  The most important thing is that the family spends time together.

5)    Invest in Christian books and literature that will expose your children to a Christian world view.  C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein are two of the most famous authors of Christian fiction.  Other notable authors of contemporary Christian literature include Tim LaHaye, Wayne Thomas Baston, Frank Peretti, Francine Rivers, Janette Oke and Ted Dekker.  Research contemporary genres based on the Bible, such as the graphic novel, Good and Evil.

6)    Listen to Christian music and Christian radio stations.  Use the lyrics of the songs to prompt family discussions about the messages contained in certain Christian songs.  Educate your children about the Christian history of certain Classical and Baroque music by well known composers such as Bach, Handel.  Encourage your children to explore their tastes in Christian country music, Christian rock or even alternative music.

Raising a Christian family in the 21st century is no easy endeavor.  Activities such as regular family dinners and prayer, or spending just one day each month reading or discussing the Scriptures as a family can make a tremendous difference.  Most importantly, be a good example for your children; as a parent you are their primary role model.  Demonstrate to your children the value that you place on God's Word.

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