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talking about god
Natural, every day conversations are the best place to initiate family conversations about god and spirituality.
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Tips for Christian Parents: How to Initiate Family Conversations About God

Talking about god is one of the most challenging but meaningful ways for Christian parents to connect with their children.  Certainly, many parents want to be able to communicate with their children in spiritually meaningful ways, to lead their children into a greater awareness of God.  However, it can be a struggle for parents to learn how and when to discuss those thought provoking questions about God, religion and the Bible. 

When it comes to talking about God, many parents simply donít know where to start. The most important thing for parents to remember is that natural, every day conversations are the best place to start, as they are among the most powerful personal influences adults can have on a childís life and view of God.  Engaging in every day conversations with children is one of the very best parenting skills parents can practice.

Parents need not wait for the perfect or ideal moment to initiate conversations about God.  Instead, parents should remain ready, willing and open to talking about God and spirituality during ordinary, every day life.  These natural conversations are the best tools to communicate what you really believe.

Listening is a critical aspect of talking about god.  Children tend to tune out when adults talk down to them, or just preach, preach, preach without taking the time to listen.  When an adult takes the time and patience to truly listen deeply to a child, the child will realize that the adult shares a genuine interest in their concerns and questions, their experiences, as well as their own hopes and dreams.  Children will be more open to listening to the adults in their life if they feel that their voice is heard.

A key aspect of listening is learning that sometimes, children donít need, or even want all the answers.  Furthermore, they donít expect their parents to have all the answers.  At the heart of the matter, children often just want adults to listen to them and take them seriously.

Emphasize the love of God, rather than sin.  Children do not need or benefit from scare tactics.  The most important thing for children to know about God is that the supreme creator knows them and loves themÖunconditionally.  Insight into this unconditional love will help children to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

Pray with your children and devote time to bible study.  To communicate with children on their level, consider using a childrenís bible with colorful photos and simple language that makes the scriptures and lessons easier to understand.  Reading the bible regularly as a family can create new and unexpected opportunities for teaching your children about spirituality and talking about God.  Biblical children's songs, games and activities are another great way to teach children about spirituality in a child-friendly way.

Ultimately, these simple tips for initiating meaningful conversations about God can help parents to provide a strong, tangible, spiritual foundation in the lives of children.

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