What are Holy cards?

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Holy Card
This is a Holy card
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You may wonder what are Holy cards if you don't know about Catholicism

Every day, millions of people are exploring and reveling in their faith in a higher being. It really doesn't matter what religion they practice, there are plenty of religions that allow their practitioners to hold all kinds of iconography in order to center their faith and beliefs.  
There are dozens of different items that can be offered up as signs of one religion or another. Among the leading religions in the world, the Christian faith is one that has a wide range of different pieces of iconography.

For those who want to decorate their homes with Christian iconology there are a couple of different options. One of the most popular ways to celebrate Christianity is by putting up crosses on walls and doors. Most of the time these people display crosses that are highly decorative. These aren't just dark wooden crosses but are usually made of porcelain or clay and painted so that they can better fit into a room's decor.

Some Christians will go with something even more striking than a cross on the wall, and the options in religious iconography pretty much just to fit into whatever style they like. Things like statues, plates and printed materials can all be used as decoration to display the fact that they are devout Christians and quite proud of it.


Other people choose to wear some sort of iconography on their person. Crosses on necklaces are very popular and fashionable displays of faith, but they certainly aren't the only way you can carry a little bit of your religion with you. There are key chains that will allow you to have a piece of your faith in your pocket at all times. Lapel pins and other jewelry are becoming more and more prevalent as a way to show your faith while also celebrating it internally.

Holy Cards

There is another type of Christian iconology that has been around for decades, if not centuries in one way or another. Holy Cards have been around for centuries. They are portable ways to stay connected to your beliefs.

So what are Holy cards? They are actually about as simple to explain as you might think. Holy cards are not a kind of business card that is supposed to be handed out to new contacts. Rather Holy cards are simple cards, usually about the size of an average baseball card, that have an iconic picture on the front. Most of the time these cards have full color pictures, but they can be black and white as well.

On the back, there is usually some kind of information about the picture, or even more likely is that there is a prayer that the card holder can recited whenever they feel the need. As a general rule, these cards are part of a very specific part of the Christian faith with Roman Catholics being the group that most commonly uses them..

There are a couple of special Holy cards that are printed specifically for certain events, but in general these can be carried with a person whenever they feel the desire. They are usually held in high regard when it comes to those who own them. They are a reminder of one's faith that can be kept in a card case or wallet and pulled out and leaned on whenever they might be needed by whoever is using them.

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