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The pentacle is thought to protect Wiccans from trouble
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Wiccan is just another of the world's religions

Wiccan, or "The Craft of the Wise," is an earth-based religious belief that combines ceremonial magic and practices with worship of "The One," and the male (God) and the female (Goddess) of its being.

The origin behind exactly what is wiccan is largely unknown, given centuries of lost documentation, but many of the rituals that define what is wiccan have been pieced together and are practiced today, including the Esbat rituals, which observe the 13 full moons each year. The Sabbats are also an important time for Wiccan rituals, as is referenced in this book of Wicca.

Wiccans, like other religious organizations, use the Wiccan Bible or the Witches' Bible to help observe and carry out religious rituals, such as casting and banishing, initiation rites and spells.

You probably wouldn't be able to distinguish between a Wiccan and a Christian just by looks alone. In these modern times, Wiccans don't necessarily run around donned in hooded capes and cloaks.

What is wiccan clothing, anyway?

It was during the Elizabethan period of the Renaissance that persecution of witches and witchcraft was introduced. During this time the printing press was also invented, and most of the first materials ever printed were of a religious nature. This material promoted witchcraft, which ultimately had a hand in influencing the witch hunts of the 15th and 16th centuries.

This is why the Wiccan wardrobe is largely associated with Renaissance style, like black lace-up gloves, black dresses and cloaks.

Wiccans generally wear clothing that is not made from animals. The goal is to be at one with nature, so any fabric made from a living being will contain negative energy caused by the pain inflicted on that being.

Most of the time, however, a practicing Wiccan will wear the clothes of his or her own culture, until practicing rituals, which often involve tunics, robes or capes.

What is wiccan jewelry?

The pentacle is thought to protect the Wiccan from trouble. This symbol, which is among the most widely used religious symbols, is generally worn around the neck and used to evoke magic.

Rings are a customary Wiccan accessory, including Gothic skull rings, moonstone rings, rings engraved with sayings like "Harm None" and "Be Well."

To sum up, what is wiccan but just another world religion, really?

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