Biggest football rivalries

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Year after year, football rivalries take center stage on fields across the country
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A countdown of the biggest rivalries in college football

In my opinion, the biggest football rivalries in the country donít take place in the glitz and glam of a Sunday night, but on a rough and rugged Saturday afternoon. With college football rivalries, itís not about wide receivers with big egos or team owners with something to prove, itís about team pride for the fans, the players and the entire school as a whole.

Regardless of whatís going on in my life, I try to make sure that my schedule is clear so that I can be poised in front of my television for the biggest football rivalry games in the BCS. Somehow, I ended up making a clerical error and got married smack dab during the SEC championship game. To this day, I feel like I might be the only bride who had score updates announced during her reception. College football rivalries are far more personal and intimate than NFL rivalries. Many college football fans actually went to these schools, made lifelong friends and met their husbands or wives just steps from the football field. Itís not business or about selling tickets, itís all personal.

From the sparkling waters of the Pacific coast to the majestic cities of the south, the biggest football rivalries in college are almost as old as the schools themselves. If youíre new to college football or just looking for a way to relate to your husband while heís glued to the television this fall, you can use this guide to the top 4 biggest football rivalries in college:

4. Georgia Tech vs. Georgia aka "Clean, Old Fashioned Hate": Although they are no longer members of the same conference, these schools are located just over an hour from each other, making them rivals by default. Their similarities do nothing to ease the fierce competitiveness between the two hard-hitting teams. Although Georgia is widely considered to be the favored team in this match up, Tech has pulled off a few upsets over the years, one of which occurred in 2008, when Georgia lost to Tech in a 42-45 thriller.

3. Texas Tech vs. Texas: Much like the south side brawl mentioned above, this western showdown doesn't just bestow a "W" or "L" upon it's victor. It grants bragging rights, which, in college football, are almost as important as tangible trophies. The same state clash between the Longhorns and the Red Raiders always draws large crowds and national interest. Although the Texas Longhorns are heavily favored in the match up, Texas Tech has handed over its fair share of upsets, one of which happened as recently as the 2008-09 season.

2. Florida vs. Georgia aka "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party": Youíve probably noticed that this is the second time youíve seen Georgia mentioned on the rivalry list. The reason for this is a constant debate amongst Georgia fans and non-fans alike. Could it be because Georgia is one of the most hated teams in the BCS or is it because Georgia is just that good? Iíll allow you to draw your own conclusions concerning that. One thing that isnít up for debate is the fact that the Georgia-Florida rivalry is one of the most bitter and entertaining in all of college football. Both teams are front runners in the toughest conference in the BCS: the SEC.

1. Ohio State vs. Michigan aka "The Game": This infamous rivalry began before television, cars, and movies with sound. Since 1897, the meeting of these Big Ten titans has led to thrilling overtimes and lopsided victories alike. In the past, this crucial came has determined the Big Ten Conference title and Rose Bowl matchups. The sheer age of this rivalry allows it to cross the line between "just another football game" to being about regional and state pride. Because of the Ohio-Michgan rivalry, if you're born in Ohio, you're bred to hate Michigan and vice versa. Whether you're a Pac-10 alumni or a SEC fan, this annual Big Ten game is an event to behold for football fans from across the country.

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