Bowling league awards

By Matt Williamson
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With small plaques or huge cups, teams can be proudly hailed and recognized
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If you're the person responsible for selecting the awards for the winners (and runners up) of your bowling league, you're in luck. Companies specializing in bowling awards are constantly expanding their lines to create more memorable and special awards.

Awards aren't limited to solely the winning team, but should also be offered to all team members participating in a particular league. You can select from the simplest awards, like engraved dog tags that can be used on bowling bags, to the most elaborate plaques listing all team members. For adults, a great idea would be a beautifully designed colored enameled pin, showing a bowling ball and three bowling pins, presented in an individual gift box. This is perfect for women and men bowlers alike.

In order to prevent dissent amongst the ranks, you might want to give all team members identical prizes. To distinguish certain players for their achievements you may want to award a few individual prizes for highest score in each game. Humorous awards like most improved, worst bowler, lowest score, can lighten the mood as well as give you a way to include more non-bowlers in the award ceremony.

As we all know, in bowling there are many reasons to present awards. Often, the winning team receives the biggest award; there are cups and trophies galore from which you can make your selection. Painstakingly crafted, they are available in numerous designs, finishes and sizes—from as small as a few inches to as high as almost two feet. Don't forget the person who had the most strikes, or who had the highest individual score, even if his/her team didn't win in the league championship, it would be nice to acknowledge their achievement.

What's really amazing is that by going online, you can see every type of bowling league awards at prices that are truly remarkable. There are bowling trophies perfect for players and coaches as well. You can even select an easy to display wooden, glass, or acrylic award plaque with custom engravings.

Naturally, all bowling league awards should be engraved with the winning team's name and other pertinent information. Don't forget, every team member who is awarded—even if it's just recognition of participating in every practice game—will have special feelings towards his/her team and will want to continue to participate.

By going online and visiting sites of online merchants or catalogers that feature bowling league awards, you can do all your decision making from the convenience of your home or office. Your choices for bowling league awards are limited only by your imagination ...and your budget!

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