Essential golf accessories: what's in the golf bag

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golf rangefinder GPS
The GPS Rangefinder is one of the hottest high tech gifts for golf lovers.
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Three Essential Golf Gifts for the 2010 Year

When summer season begins, golf lovers are excited to be heading back out to the courses, to perfect their scores, enjoy the weather and exercise, and spend time with their golf buddies. If you are seeking essential golf accessories. golf gifts or other golf-themed items for the golf-lover in your life, this is certainly the time of year to begin your research and shopping. 

There are thousands of golf products to choose from, and these items make ideal gifts for Father's Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays. Essential golf accessories can even be presented as corporate business gifts. The most challenging aspect of shopping for golf equipment and golf accessories is the fact that so many golfers are quite discriminating. 

For this reason, its wise to avoid making major investments in golf clubs and equipment unless you are absolutely sure of exactly the type, style, size, and brand name of clubs your golf-lover is seeking. Most serious golfers even prefer to play with specific balls – Titelist, Callaway, Nike, which also have slightly differing sizes and weights. 

If you want to pick out something truly specific for a golf-lover, the best bet is to directly ask them exactly what they prefer. Or, opt for the essential golf accessories that will make a great addition to any golf-bag. Golf accessories range from funny golf-themed gag gifts to helpful tools, equipment cases, and technology that can help golfers to protect their clubs, improve their scores, and maneuver the courses. 

Which products and golf accessories are sure to be most popular items in golf bags this season?  Here is a sneak preview of the year's three top picks. 

Three Essential Golf Accessories for the 2010 Year

GPS Rangefinders:

High tech GPS rangefinders are sure to take any golf game to the next level. Premium GPS devices are waterproof, lightweight, offer full color LCD touch screens, and come pre-loaded with precise maps of thousands of golf courses across the United States and Canada. 

For a small fee, most of these GPS devices can be linked with the Sky Caddie software program that will help golfers measure distances to hazards, carries and layups, and view rotatable, high-precision graphic displays of the layout around each hole. 

Unique Golf Club Headcovers:

Golfers can now choose from an unbelievable variety of colorful, creative and whimsical high quality golf club covers to keep both expensive and discount golf clubs in pristine shape, and prevent damage, particularly during storage periods or when traveling. Some of the most durable headcovers are made from leather, neoprene or heavy-duty vinyl. 

Choose animal shaped covers – lions, tigers and bears...even gorillas, and parrots! Or, opt for headcovers that emulate your favorite Looney Toons or Disney characters.

Swing Detective LED Swing Trainer Kit:

The LED Swing Detective, manufactured by SKLZ Golf, utilizes two LED lights that illuminate flaws in your golf swing, and then provide instant feedback regarding club face angle, swing place, club face-to-ball alignment at impact and swing path. 

This unique training tool is easy to attach to any club, and comes with a carrying case, an instruction manual, and a DVD with additional instructions and lesson tips. This “must have” device is one of the years hottest golf accessories, and has been used as a part of swing coach Rick Smith's Signature Series of Golf Training Aids.

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