How to choose tennis racquet strings

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Make sure you have the right strings for your playing style
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Choose the right tennis racquet strings for your next big game

There are admittedly an overwhelming amount of tennis racquet strings out on the market.  With all of these different options, how do you choose which kind will be the right strings for you?  With a little help and insight into the world of tennis racquet strings, you can get a jump start in selecting the perfect type of strings for you.

There are four main types of tennis racquet strings out there on the market:

Natural gut:

These strings have a very good feel and vibration absorption.  Made from 100% natural fibers (it's made completely out of the intestines of an adult steer), it's great for anyone who has arm pain or tendonitis.  Natural gut is made from many individual fibers woven together--making it great for shock absorption.
Because this string is made from 100% natural fibers, you should make sure that it isn't subject to any extreme heat or cold conditions.  You should avoid leaving it outside at night, or out in the trunk of your car.  Although they're treated to be more moisture resistant than in the past, make sure you take good care of them.

Nylon strings offer the greatest variety of all the string choices.  They can be made in many different ways for different feel and control of the ball.  The thicker the gauge of the string, the more durability you will have (but at the cost of less feel for the ball).  The thinner the gauge, the more feel and spin you will be able to put on the ball.

Polyester strings offer little string movement compared to the other choices.  The good side to less string movement is more durability and less breakage of the string.  The bad side is that it can feel stiff to the player.  It's recommended that if you string your racquet with polyester strings, you do so with less tension than you would with a different type.

Polyester strings are becoming increasingly popular.  They have good control and feel of the ball.  If you don't want 100% polyester strings on your racquet, there are always hybrid strings to give yourself a different feel.

Kevlar or Kevlar hybrid strings are almost exclusively for players who tend to break strings frequently.  Since Kevlar is the same material used to make bullet-proof vests, it goes without saying that this material is extremely durable and resilient.

String tension:

Differing string tension can make a difference in your game as well.  The more tension you have in your racquet, the more control of the ball you'll have.  The less tension, the more power.  Make sure that you find a good mix between power and control, too much of either can affect your game in a negative way.

Selecting a tennis racquet string
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