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Riding a dirtbike provides both exercise and enjoyment for many
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Knowing where you can ride dirtbikes can provide you with lots of pleasure

The combination of dirt, the outdoor air and exercise is exhilarating, which is why some people take up the sport of dirtbike riding. Once you begin this passion, however, you may realize that finding places to ride is a bit difficult. If you've ever wondered "where can you ride dirtbikes," you have a few options.

The Woods

Dirtbikes are designed to withstand a variety of conditions, including the rugged nature of the woods. The woods may look docile, but their tree-lined canopies hide many dangers, including hills, streams, rocks and limbs, which make for excellent riding. Fortunately, your dirtbike will likely take the beating these elements provide and keep on going.

The bike's thin frame and tires are made to fit into the small trails the woods provide. You are able to zip in and out of tree lines and up the hills and cliffs you often find in this rugged landscape. However, because this type of course is often quite extreme, it's essential to wear safety equipment. Helmets, face shields, boots, jackets and pants can help to keep you safe if you happen to fall.

Before you take a ride with your bike in the woods, first scope out the potential location. Some woods feature vegetation that is far too dense to ride a bike through. Additionally, many also have hills that are much too steep to go up, therefore, make sure you won't get stuck and injure yourself. 

Open Fields

Although trails and the woods are quite enjoyable, there's just something about the open air and riding freestyle through a field. Of course, you wouldn't want to ride on a private field, as the tires can ruin the ground and any crop present, but if you know of a field that is public land and allows dirt bike riders, or a private field whose owner is power sports friendly, go ahead and try it out.

This simple landscape allows you to practice the fundamentals of dirt bike riding. Knowing how to stay up without falling and turning is crucial to any rider, and an open field provides the perfect course to do so.

Those who are more advanced can add ramps and other pieces of equipment to learn how to perform tricks. Again, safety is extremely important, therefore, make sure you wear protective equipment that keeps you safe. 

Dirtbike Courses

Depending on where you live, you may have a few dirtbike courses at your disposal. Communities and towns often build these courses for interested riders in the area, and some county and state governments will also provide suck tracks, as well. If you live in an area that is known to be active and have good weather, your chances of finding a course improves.

Call your local government or parks and recreation to inquire about courses that are available. The representative can also provide you with details regarding conditions of use, including the required age and safety equipment, along with any consent forms you may need to sign before riding.

Some courses insist that parents stay and supervise younger riders. They may also only allow certain bikes on their tracks, therefore, knowing these details before visiting the course can prevent you from disappointment or breaking the rules. Additionally, you may only be able to use certain tires when you ride to prevent damaging the course.

Knowing where you can ride dirt bikes allows you to enjoy the pleasures of the great outdoors and being active. Sports enable you to receive the exercise needed to stay healthy and fit, and when you can enjoy what you are doing, it makes the experience even better.


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