The 10 best car travel gadgets

By George Garza
Info Guru,

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Car technology
Car electronics equipment like remote car starters add convenience and entertainment to your travels
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Innovative and fun but also necessary, car travel gadgets provide productivity.

What are the 10 best car travel gadgets around? That depends on what you are looking for. Here are the 10 most-popular gadgets on the market right now that you can put in your car. 


Bluetooth is a wireless signal that allows phones to connect to Bluetooth-enabled cars without the need for a wired connection. Names and numbers can be added verbally to make multiple calls without the driver ever taking his or her eyes off the road.

Real-Time Traffic Information

The AcuraLink Satellite-Linked Communication System allows some cars to display real-time traffic information directly on the navigation screen. The system calculates alternative routes and picks the best way home, taking into account accidents, road/lane closures and traffic volume. This allows the driver to make an intelligent pick from a variety of routes. 

Remote Start

Press a button on the key and the car starts itself, allowing you to warm up or cool down the interior from outside the car as it idles. The system automatically locks the doors, steering wheel and transmission so theft isn't likely.


Locate Your Buddies


There is a portable car navigator system called TomTom's Buddies. It can track people and also can send messages back and track where their friends are located.

Lane Departure Warning System

This device uses a small camera and speed sensors to determine when the car moves from the lane and alerts the driver using a buzzer, seat vibrator or a visual cue. Using the turn signals prevents the system from kicking in.


iPod Connection

A generic mini-jack for connecting all kinds of handheld MP3 players is becoming a given in many sedans and SUVs, but the added control of an iPod-specific connection is a huge leap forward for the technology. With an iPod-specific connection you can navigate through tracks using the car's audio system controls.

Rear Parking Camera

Rear parking sensors that beep when you approach an object are the next evolution of this safety technology is a rear-mounted parking camera. It displays a live video picture on the dash-mounted navigation screen. When the vehicle is shifted into reverse, the driver can see exactly what's behind him, so there is less of a chance of running over something or someone. 

Self-Parking Capability

Are you parallel parking challenged? A new self-parking car feature allows the car to park itself. The driver enters a few location characteristics through a touch screen and the car maneuvers itself into a parallel spot or back into a traditional parking space.

Safety Light to Replace Flares

If you are out on the road and your car stops, you want people to see your car to avoid hitting it. You may put a flare out there. Now a new type of safety light improves on the old-fashioned flare technology. The device is a battery-powered LED safety light called the PowerFlare. The PowerFlare comes in a rechargeable version and a version that runs on a CR123 lithium battery.

Car Security System

If you want to prevent auto theft, then Auto-txt is a new security system that uses Bluetooth technology for authenticating the driver.  The vehicle will not start unless the owner's phone is used, usually a Bluetooth device. This device provides theft prevention, remote vehicle immobilization, driver recognition system, and satellite GPS vehicle tracking. 

These are the 10 best car travel gadgets on the market now. Some are fun; some are necessary. All are worth looking at.

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