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Computer trash
Learn how to throw away electronics the right way
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Throwing away a computer the right way ensures you are environmentally aware

Who knew throwing away a computer could be so complicated? For those looking to simply dump their old machines at a landfill, it's important to note that this is not the best way. Toxic materials within your older machines can create environmental problems. Thus, there are better ways to get rid of our old machines.

First, we'll take a look at best practices for clearing your hard drive of any pertinent or private information. Then, we'll delve into creative ways for disposal that won't hurt the environment and can actually help someone else out in the process.

Things to Think about Before You Throw It Out

Let's talk about that hard drive. What personal information could be found on there by a hacker or some other devious-minded person who happened upon your machine sitting in the trash bin? Thus, it's important before looking to throw out (recycle) your hardware that you look into programs which will help to "wipe" your system clean.

Programs like Norton Wipedisk, Darik's Boot and Nuke, Active Kill Disk, and more, are good places to start. Instead of just deleting your information by dragging it into the Recycle Bin, these programs will completely wipe all sensitive and personal data from your machine.

For more information on the value of parts within your hardware, ideas for taking it to the pros, donation thoughts, and more, head over to Below, we'll look into the best ways for the environment for you to recycle your old hardware, as well as creative ideas for donating your machine to schools, businesses, or charities, instead of hauling it off to sit in the landfill.

Recycling of Hardware

For starters, tossing out certain parts of hardware can have a negative effect on the environment. At the Hewlett-Packard website, they offer some simple tips for the recycling of equipment, printing supplies, batteries, and more.

For hardware, one can simply click on their link and be taken to a new page which offers several easy ways to successfully recycle their products. Partnering with Staples and FedEx, Hewlett-Packard offers drop off sites at local locations. There are shipping, drop off, and state-specific options for the consumer.

In addition to Hewlett-Packard, there are other options for the safe recycling of your hardware products.,, and are just a few of the sites you can find online which will assist you in finding recycling locations, the how-to's of disposing properly of your technology, and ways to recycle a variety of products.

Donation of Hardware

Other than the myriad of other ways to dispose of your old hardware, one of the best ways can be through donation. Schools and companies are always on the lookout for hardware for their students and workers. A site like the is a good place to start.

The CRC stands for Computer Recycling Center and it is in place to help lower the amount of hardware that finds its way into landfills. To do this, they recycle hardware donations and end up donating many items to Computers&Education, which will direct items for use in public charity and community programs.

Like the CRC, local schools and other such programs are sometimes looking for technology for their students to use. If your device is not complete junk (and still runs), a school donation can be a great way to help others while getting rid of your older technology.

Thus, throwing away a computer doesn't necessarily have to involve a landfill or dump. Other ways can be more rewarding and better for the environment. So, check in to these plentiful ways in which you can help not only your self, but others as well.


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