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Google Reader
RIP Google Reader
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Plan ahead on what to use instead of Google Reader from the online contenders

The departure of the Google Reader news aggregator leaves a huge void in the lives of those who relied on it to bring them the content they desired. The internet was abuzz with the news of famed reader's demise; petitions made the rounds demanding the retention of Google Reader, but it was all for naught. 

Google Reader's death cannot be reversed. 

However, fear not, there are plenty of worthy—dare we say it?—better news aggregator services just waiting to fill the void. Here are a few noteworthy services that deserve a second look as you decide what to use instead of Google Reader:


Feedly is a free mobile and browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome. Feedly can import your Reader feeds, including any folders, notes, and starred items. Its interface is customizable and has more layout options than Reader. Feedly is a major contender to fill the void left by Google.


Flipboard is a free mobile app that has a magazine format. It is a visually striking means of providing news and content, and is quickly building a loyal following. Users appreciate the ability to "flip" with their Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire&NOOK, and the sleek presentation is engaging.


News360 is another free web or mobile app with a magazine format, but this one is touted as being intuitive. It can actually "learn" from Google Reader of your other new aggregator services, and creates an interest based news feed. It determines the most relevant content based on your history and gathers relevant content from the sources you follow. Whether this is amazing and efficient, or "scary" and too "Big Brother," we will leave up to you.


RSSOwl is a free desktop (Java application) service that provides news aggregation as well as grouping, filtering, classifying, synching, sharing, exporting and importing wizards.  Users can also compartmentalize content into "bins."  While, the features are too numerous to list, be forewarned that it the services does use a fair amount of resources in the process.

The Old Reader

For those that simply long for the days of yore, there is always The Old Reader. The Old Reader is a free web based service that is based on the old Google Reader. While it is currently only available in beta, it does allow you to import directly from a Google account or AMPL, and it allows you to share content and post with friends. At this time, there is no mobile app available.


Netvibes is another free, web-only service that is similar to Google Reader. Its sleek design allows you to import your Google Reader subscriptions and boasts a "read later" button. Not flashy, but definitely functional.


River2 is a free app that runs in the OPML Editor that implements a River of News aggregator  It's a feed reader, podcatcher, photo aggregator with reading lists and real-time feed support. River2 shows news items in reverse-chronologic order. It also allows users to see what they have subscribed to and to add new feeds and reading lists.                                                                     

Vienna RSS

Mac users will be pleased with the free service provided by Vienna RSS which allows users to share what you want and synch it all around—Google Reader Synch, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and emailing are all building in making the interface both simple and effective.

Despite the fact that Google Reader had a loyal following, there are plenty of quality news aggregators and content management services that will provide the services of Google Reader—and more! This partial listing of the numerous options available illustrates the wide variety of options, formats, and tools available for those seeking a new reader.

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