How to get ready for high school

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Know how to get ready for high school without getting nervous

High school is a brand new beginning. Itís a time when youíll taste more freedom, make more friends and be more challenged academically. With so much ahead of you itís natural to want to feel prepared, but where to begin? 

Believe it or not, youíve been learning how to get ready for high school for most of your life. From birthday parties, to softball tournaments and tests, the experiences youíve had throughout grade school and junior high have you more ready than you think.

In high school, everything is a bit more extreme. The sporting games are more competitive, the classes are harder and go at a faster pace, and the social world can spin off in every which way. As you prepare, itís important to think about all aspects of high school and how you want to spend your time to get the most out of these years.


Academics may not be the first thing on your mind, especially if classes havenít even started yet, but theyíre important. If you plan to go to college, refrain from opting for the easy classes. On top of that, prepare for some serious study time.

Think strategically about the classes youíre taking and ask a guidance counselor if your course load is on the right track for college. If youíre not already taking a few, ask about honors classes for the following year. These courses can actually save you money on college if you earn the credits.

Decide where youíre going to do your school work and organize the space. Clear off the surface and stock up on school supplies. Note pads and pens are essential for taking good notes. Set up a desk lamp so you have plenty of light.


High school is a great time to explore new types of activities. Joining things like yearbook or drama club will help you meet new people that like the same things you do. If you like music, try out for band. Debate clubs, academic decathlons and language clubs are ideal for enhancing your knowledge and social life.

Flip through a recent yearbook from your high school and make a short list of the top activities you want to try. Show up for the first few meetings to see if itís right for you.


Trying out for an athletic team is exciting and another fantastic way to make friends outside of the classroom. Know beforehand that sports are a big time commitment so look at your calendar to make sure you can honor it.

The best way to prepare for try outs is to practice. Have some friends meet you at the park to toss the football around, dribble the soccer ball or play you in tennis. Use free time in the summer to get in shape. Run regularly to build stamina and maintain a yoga routine to improve flexibility.

Social life

If youíve ever watched a movie or show or read a book set in high school, you know these years arenít going to be all text books and endless practices. Thereíll be parties, dates and great friendships. But how to get ready for high school social life will be different for everyone.

If youíre naturally a little shy, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Think positive thoughts and youíll draw positive new friends to you, but donít get so caught up that you abandon your existing friends. Call a few of them every week to stay in touch. Lunch is a good time to socialize, so welcome anyone who wants to sit at your table. 


When you shop for school clothes look for things that you like. Donít seek out trends just to feel cool so certain people will talk to you. Bring along some friends and do what you always do Ė have fun and be yourself.

The four years of high school may seem like a long time, but it wonít be long before youíre applying to scholarships for college. Enjoy these years. Say yes to invitations and open yourself up to new people and experiences.

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