What to wear on graduation day

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You're the center of attention, Grads. Dress for it!
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What to wear on graduation day is on the minds of graduates every spring

As the school year comes to an end, youíll hear classmates talking about plans for the summer, where they're off to next year - everything but what to wear on graduation day. For such an important day, many graduates leave the question of clothing to the last minute. Unless you plan on zipping up that graduation gown and not taking it off all day, itís time to give this issue some thought.

The actual ceremony is basically the only time people wonít see what youíre wearing underneath. Think of all the pictures friends and family will want to take with you. You want to look good in commencement pictures Ė many of them youíll keep forever.

The cap and gown Ė

Your cap and gown are the show pieces of the graduation ceremony. Students can usually rent these through the school, but sometimes you can find an even better deal online at shops like GraduationSource.com. The advantage of purchasing your own is that you get to keep them and wonít have to wear someone elseís used robe.

Double check with your school first to make sure the color is correct. Packages from GraduationSource.com include a matching tassel for the cap as well.

Practical considerations -

If itís warm outside, the robe will be unzipped if not slung over your shoulder before and after the ceremony. Graduation robes are designed like outerwear so theyíre lined and heavier than you want them to be. Wear light weight clothing underneath. Also consider what youíll be doing before the ceremony. Some people have a family get together before and party with friends after. If youíre going someplace with food prior, you may want to avoid white just in case.

What to wear under the graduation gown Ė

Ladies, as long as itís not too casual, a nice dress, or a blouse with a skirt or slacks will look great. If youíre wearing pants, make sure the hem doesnít fall below the ankle and practice walking in your shoes so you donít trip. The gown will fall just above your ankles so select a classy pair of shoes. If the ceremony could be outdoors, opt for wedge heels to avoid getting stuck in the grass.

In general, whether your school has a dress code or not, choose a cheerful, but conservative outfit. White and black dresses are a classic and the colors look good on everyone. Prints are always fun and can take you from the ceremony, to dinner and after parties. If youíre yearning for some vibrant colors, try a floral print in a simple cut. Donít overdo it on accessories. Keep it simple and choose one piece that means something to you.

Guys, you donít have quite so many decisions to make. Wear fitted slacks and a nice shirt and tie.

The cap and gown will present your class as a whole for the final time before you go off in your separate ways. Youíve worked hard to get to graduation. The most important thing is to wear something underneath that captures the significance of the celebration and doesnít make you feel uncomfortable or self conscious. But do go easy on the mascara if you anticipate tears. Congratulations!

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