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An edgy 'do and makeup are standard in the emo world
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Emo is both a type of music and a personality

There's a good chance you've heard the term "emo" before, but there's probably an even better chance you have no idea what it means. And, you're not alone. With so much new terminology out there, it's easy to get confused about the definitions of these interesting-sounding words. So whether you have a child who has been spouting this word or you simply just want to know what it means, we've got you covered.

What is Emo?

Emo, short for "emotional," is a term that is used to describe both music and a way of life. Emo music is similar to punk rock; however, it typically contains more feeling or describes one's feeling in greater depth than punk rock traditionally does. Emo music is predominantly drums and guitars. Keyboards are often thrown in there, as are vocals. The lyrics typically describe the way one feels about an issue or a person's emotions.

An "emo" person is also described as being in touch with his or her feelings. Some may say emo people are depressed or often suicidal, as they are more likely to talk about their upsetting feelings; however, emo folk often claim this is not true and that they are simply more vocal about their emotions.

Emo Dressing

The emo way of life also has a dress code. When it comes to dressing emo, the darker, the better.

Dark tops and skinny jeans - on both males and females - is often the norm for this style. These dark and tight-fitting pants are often accompanied by high-top sneakers, or boots. Military jackets are also common. Both the male and the female emo dress similarly.

Emo Makeup

The "emo" and "goth" looks are similar; however, the emo look isn't as death-like as goth. Goth people tend to wear white powder on their faces, with dark eye and lip makeup. Emos don't necessarily wear the light-colored powder and the makeup isn't usually as heavy. However, both males and females typically wear some sort of eye makeup.

An emo person's haircut typically looks a bit edgy. While not short, it's not necessarily long, either, and the shape is typically a bit jagged.

Emo Dangers

As stated before, some worry that emo kids are obsessed with death. The emo trend has been claimed to be a cult, in which suicide is glamorized. Those who consider themselves to be emo are typically quick to deny such claims; however, parents with children who are emo are typically advised to monitor their children for depression or thoughts of suicide.    

Being emo isn't necessarily a bad thing; as talking about your feelings is cathartic and releases pent-up emotion. But, being obsessed with death and killing oneself is a problem that should be addressed professionally.

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