Affordable winter vacation areas

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There is nothing like finding a great deal on a winter getaway
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Affordable winter vacation areas that won't break the bank

Whether you love or hate winter, whether you look forward each fall to the beautiful snowfall or dread shoveling the driveway, sometimes you just need to get away.

The good news is, with the economy in the state it's in, there are some great affordable hotels out there right now.  We've got some suggestions on affordable winter vacation areas and how to save some cash for both those who want to take advantage of the winter weather to enjoy some snow sporting and those who just want to get warm and relax.

Ski Locations

There are lots of places to go around the U.S. with some great day rates for lift tickets if you're willing to look around.  Some have low basic rates, and some have great specials on certain dates.  Others offer times when kids ski free with paid adults and other similar deals. These are some places to go skiing this year that won't break the bank:

-Willowbrook Ski Area, Belle Vernon, PA 

-Gore Mountain, North Creek, NY

-Echo Mountain, Idaho Springs, CO 

-Wolf Creek Ski Area, Pagosa Springs, CO 

-Big Rock Ski Area, Mars Hill, ME 

-Jay Peak, Jay, VT 

-Homewood Ski Resort, North Lake Tahoe, Homewood, CA

There are many other choices around the country with great, low priced skiing options, but the list above will get you started.


To find beaches you can go to in the winter, you'll have to look pretty far south.  Places with great summer beaches like New Jersey, South Carolina, and even central California are just too cold during the winter to lounge around in the sun and hit the surf.  Here are some places you can go even in the dead of winter where the beach is always in season:

-Miami Beach, FL
-Fort Lauderdale, FL
-Fort Myers, FL
-Galveston, TX
-Corpus Cristi, TX
-South Padre Island, TX
-Malibu, CA
-Huntington Beach, CA
-San Diego, CA

Many of these places are not ones that you would consider cheap, especially during the winter when snowbirds are looking for a place to get away, so be sure to read the tips below for staying within a budget and saving some money on your vacation.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Vacation

Book now!  One of the best ways to save money on a winter vacation is to book now when sales are slow.  If you wait until a couple of weeks before your vacation it will cost you.  Book as soon as possible for the best rates.

Look around.  You'd be amazed how prices can vary from one place to another just blocks apart.
Stay a little ways away from the resort or beach.  If you stay at a ski resort or right on the beach you'll pay a premium.  To save a considerable amount of cash, stay a bit further away.  That little 15 or twenty minute drive could potentially cut your expenses in half!

Use any discount you can find.  Look on the internet, in the coupon sections of local yellow pages, in local Sunday papers, in coupon magazines at local fast food restaurants.  For these kinds of vacation getaways, discounts abound.  If you look around, you'll find coupons to make nearly any of those affordable winter vacation areas even more affordable.

So if you're looking for a family vacation getaway you won't have to mortgage your home to go on, be sure to remember these tips and act now rather than later.

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