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By Susan Crowley
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Discover how to plan and prepare for travel abroad using these international travel tips
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Vacations made simple with International Travel Tips

Since 9/11, vacationing abroad requires following a few international travel tips for safety, security and protection. Daily the national travel advisory is on elevated alert. International travel is not a matter of tossing a few clothes and personal belongings into a suitcase. Vacationing in another country necessitates awareness, preparation and a little organization. Use these international travel tips to streamline vacationing abroad:

Apply for or grab your passport A current passport is the traveling requirement for leaving the United States to enter another country. In certain North American countries, there is a leniency period until January 2007. Nevertheless, with all the immigration and terrorist issues facing America, having a passport is not another optional international travel tips.

Make copies. To prepare for any unforeseen circumstances, make two copies of your passport. In the event of a loss or stolen passport, one copy should be left with a family member or friend and the other should be stored in a compartment of luggage separate from the actual passport. In case of an emergency, also leave copies of your travel itinerary.

Do international travel homework. One of the most essential international travel tips entails the comprehensive research of a foreign destination. On the Internet, a wealth of organizations and media outlets update travel advisory information. These Website provide everything from permissible carryon items to the dimensions of luggage. Remember to investigate ways to convert currency into foreign cash. Compare the cost and feasibility of doing a cash advance to the cost of buying purchasing travelers checks.

Check foreign travel advisories Aside from what to carry and what items to declare through customs, investigate the foreign countryõs travel advisory. Generally, these sites will detail travel trends, crimes to beware of and other laws and legal matters.

Subsequent to departure, register online at the State Department's travel registry site with the closest United State embassy or consulate. This international travel tips is mission critical in high risk countries (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan) Itõs also a good way to make the consulate aware of your presence and to be notified of emerging issues.

Be alert, guard belongings. Whether itõs at the airport terminal, hotel or other public areas, watch your belongings. Aside from the value of your luggage and personal items, your passport is a high commodity that can be the difference between being detained and traveling hassle-free. Other basic international travel tips include being aware of your surroundings and never accepting packages from other people.

Dress like the natives. Americans have a reputation for wearing bright, loud gaudy attire. To blend in with the locals, avoid t-shirts with designer or word insignia, baseball caps and other atypical American outfits. To avoid becoming a mugging victim, keep jewelry accessories to a minimum.

Avoid the crowds. Remaining safe ranks high on the list of international travel tips. Regardless if an area is packed with Americans or locals, crowded venues and streets represent a host of potential dangers to becoming a crime target. Pickpockets and con artists are known for preying on foreignersõ naiveté. Steer clear of political demonstrations that can turn into violent mob scenes.

Tour modestly. Instead of toting a digital camera, all credit cards and other neon signs of money, conceal items needed items in a backpack. Try to leave extraneous credit cards, jewelry and money secured in the hotel lock box.

Learn a little lingo. Speaking just a little bit of the countryõs mother language is one of the best international travel tips, to follow. Natives are more prone to be helpful, when a visitor demonstrates a respect for their culture by trying to communicate in their language.

In summation, commonsense coupled with the above international travel tips can assure an enjoyable, safe vacation experience.

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