Mountain vacations in Mexico

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Nayarit, MEXICO
Mountain vacations in Mexico can inspire your imagination.
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Discover the best spots in Mexico for mountain vacations.

Places to take mountain vacations in Mexico abound. This article lists some of the most popular attractions and mountain ranges, along with resources to plan and enjoy your trip.

Types of Mountain Vacations in Mexico

Where you decide to vacation in Mexico will depend upon a number of factors. What are you looking for? The rugged excitement of mountain and rock climbing? A luxury resort with magnificent views of mountain vistas? A quiet getaway that is affordable and blends beautiful scenery with local attractions? A family resort? If you answered yes to any of those, you're in luck. Mexico travel offers all that and more.

Mountain Climbing Vacations

Do your vacation plans include trying your hand at rock climbing and mountain trekking? One of the most popular thrills for tourists to Mexico is that of high altitude mountain (volcano) climbing. There are many different tours to choose from. First, you may want to travel to the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Explore the volcano La Malinche near Puebla.

Any aspiring mountain-climber will want to tackle Pico de Orizaba, North America's third-tallest mountain and Mexico's highest summit. It lies on the eastern end of Eje Volcánico Transversal mountain range. Dormant but not extinct, Pico de Orizaba rises to an elevation of around 18,490 feet above sea level. Iztaccihauatl has an elevation of 17,342 feet.

Don't miss viewing the Sierra Madre Mountains on your trip to Mexico. Sierra Madre is Spanish for "Mother Mountain Range." In Mexico, this name encompasses:
  • Sierra Madre Occidental in northwestern Mexico
  • Sierra Madre Oriental in northeastern Mexico
  • Sierra Madre de Oaxaca in south-central Mexico
  • Sierra Madre del Sur in southern Mexico
  • Sierra Madre de Chiapas in southeastern Mexico

Do you think you can't possibly see it all in one visit? Order a travel DVD or video or visit the library to check out a pile of colorful travel books - it's the next best thing to being there.

Mexican Mountain Resorts

There are many resorts suited to mountain vacations in Mexico, including these two popular venues:

1. Hacienda Cola De Caballo Suites, Resort and Convention Center is a four-star resort in Santiago. Offering gorgeous views of mountains and valleys, this resort hotel features 98 rooms or suites and:
  • Waterfalls
  • Swimming pool
  • Business center / conference rooms / meeting and event space
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bar
  • Disco
  • Fitness Center
  • Kids Club
  • Wireless Internet
  • Restaurant
2. At an elevation of 7,000 feet in the Sierra Madre Mountains, you'll discover Lake Zirahuen Mountain Retreat Center.  Along with beautiful location, memorable accommodations and service, this center offers:
  • Yoga classes
  • Group / corporate retreat programs
  • Meditation opportunities
  • Qigong and Tai chi
  • Dance and movement therapy
  • RYT Teacher Training Certification
  • Wellness counseling
  • Spa cuisine
  • Massage and body therapies
  • Guided adventure tours

Mexico Cruises and Tours

Can you see the mountains on a cruise to Mexico? Sure you can. Simply prearrange mountain vacations in Mexico for your shore excursions. Some leading places to book travel arrangements online, from cruises to flights and tours, include:
  • Liberty
  • STA Travel (Discounted student travel services)
  • Cruises


Principal mountain ranges and rivers of Mexico

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