Spring break fun in Florida

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Leave the snow behind and head to Florida for spring break fun
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Forget the books! It's time for spring break fun in sunny Florida!


Spring break fun…well, of course! If it isn’t fun, it doesn’t belong on spring break!!!  Time to road trip and party and enjoy being a college student before the hard facts of real life come crashing down on you at graduation.

As the Beastie Boys said in their classic song,

You gotta fight,
For your right….
To PAR-TY!!!

Grab your iPod, throw some junk food, your ATM card and a few clothes in the car, stuff your friends into the backseat and head for one of these spring break fun destinations.

Once upon a time, spring break meant Fort Lauderdale.  Then the powers that be decided that hobbling grey hairs were a better bet than drunken college students.  So the Strip was replaced with condos and high end restaurants, and string bikinis gave way to polyester. So be it.  The party just moved up the coast to Daytona.

Daytona means a beach you can drive on.  It means all-night parties at any of dozens of places that thrive on free flowing drinks and loud music. Daytona opened its arms to the parties Fort Lauderdale spurned, and for the past few years, college students from across the country have returned the love.

Key West

If you don’t want to stop at Daytona, drive on south to the southernmost point in the U.S., Key West, Florida.  Once you get there, park your car and enjoy the tropical atmosphere of this year round party city at its finest. From the numerous clubs, bars and impromptu parties to the nightly music and art fest at sundown on the pier, this is a spring break memory that will last a lifetime.

Key West also has a thriving gay club scene, making it a great destination for people looking for a more accepting and open atmosphere.

Panama City
If you want to spend less time driving, and more time partying, stop near the top of Florida in Panama City. 

This town is Gulf Coast fun at its best.  From sandy, super-white beaches to a full schedule of parties and special sponsored events, this is a city that's ready to party right along with you.

The only drawback is the chillier nights..temps during springtime can dip into the low 50's, so throw some sweatshirts into your bag if you choose to celebrate on the Gulf.  And with daytimes in the 70's, it's got to be better than snow!

Miami Beach
If you're more into cool clubs and hot looks than beer bashes and volleyball, consider South Beach for your spring break fun destination. Some of the hotels are featuring spring break packages to attract the college set, and because of the economy, deals abound.

If your choose a SoBe (South Beach) trip, pack your hottest club wear.  This is not the place for ratty jeans and flip flops. Think trendy fashions and A-list celebs and you'll have the picture.

No matter where you go for your spring break fun, remember to enjoy these wonderful days and nights.  You'll remember these crazy college days forever...make 'em good!

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