Top 10 vacation destinations

By Mark Winter
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Brazilian coastline
Whether you go with the crowd or venture out on your own, you can have a memorable vacation this year
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Now is a great time to plan a vacation. With plenty of travel deals and special offers, it is easy to get away, even on a tight budget. Following are some of the hottest vacation destinations this year.

Las Vegas

Known for its neon lights, flashy entertainment, and wide assortment of casinos, Las Vegas is one of the top choices for a getaway. If you want to take in the nightlife and have some fun, this is the place to be.

Mexico From fine beaches to colonial cities and ancient pyramids, Mexico has something to offer everyone. With a little searching, you're bound to find a great deal on airfare and hotel stays. Bring the family and enjoy the mariachis, tacos and sun.


Whether you take a cruise to see a variety of islands or travel to just one, the Caribbean offers a sunny, warm vacation destination. Its white sand, pretty corals, and relaxing beaches are sure to make your trip well worth it.


The Hawaiian islands continue to entice tourists and provide a beautiful setting for a vacation. Tour the islands, visit the volcanoes, fly over the sights, and enjoy the beach while you're there.


Italy is a top location for honeymooners, but provides plenty of culture and activity for everyone. Join a tour group or venture out on your own to enjoy the ruins, sample the food, and taste the wine.

New York City

You don't have to leave the United States to find a city with plenty of international appeal. Take in a Broadway show, hit the stores, and tour the museums and sights. Be sure to try a hot dog while you're there.

San Francisco

The Bay area is a popular place to explore and relax. Wander through its winding streets, take in the neighborhoods with unique architecture, and be sure to check out the Golden Gate Bridge.


Perfect for a family vacation, Orlando offers Walt Disney World in all of its splendor. Load up the kids and get ready for great rides, parks and shows.


Williamsburg, Virginia, is another top vacation destination for families. Soak in the history of Colonial Williamsburg, a charming village to walk through. Stop in Busch Gardens and Water County, USA, for some extra fun.


If you're looking for an adventure in South America, Brazil offers many options for tourists. Take in the cities of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. Or explore Belém, a tropical paradise located along the Amazon River.

If you want to follow the trends this year, one of these top 10 vacation destinations could be a great choice. They offer a variety of fun for families, couples, and individual travelers. You can sign up for a package deal or head out on your own, depending on your traveling preference.

While these top 10 vacation destinations are popular now, there are plenty of other great places to travel. Whether you go with the crowd or venture out on your own, you can have a memorable vacation this year. Plan ahead, pack appropriately, and then kick back and relax on your next vacation.

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