What to do in Los Angeles

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The Hollywood Sign
Must-See Los Angeles: The iconic Hollywood sign
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What To Do In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, affectionately known as simply "LA," is a U.S. city that should be on everyone's "must visit" list. There are too many worthwhile destinations to count in LA, but you will need to narrow it down unless you have an unlimited amount of time. 


LA not only offers an incredible array of glitz and glamour, but plenty of important cultural landmarks as well. You will have to do a lot of driving, but at least the weather will probably be good no matter what time of year you visit.


Make a list of these LA landmarks not to be missed:


Hollywood: What kind of trip to LA would it be without at least a drive through Hollywood?  At the very least, you need to see the Hollywood sign (originally “Hollywoodland”) in person and pay a visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are a number of landmarks that are worth visiting in Hollywood alone, and two of the best are Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Bowl.


Grauman’s Chinese Theatre: One of the most iconic locations in Los Angeles. The Chinese Theatre was built in 1927 on Hollywood Boulevard, and has been the place for many famous movie premieres. In the front of the theater, there are the famous footprints and handprints in cement. There have been approximately 200 handprint and footprint ceremonies since 1927.


Hollywood Bowl: It is one of the most famous amphitheatres in the United States, and holds over 17,000 people for music performances. The Hollywood Bowl is the home to the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and the summer home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic.



Beverly Hills: Along with neighboring communities Bel Air and Holmby Hills, Beverly Hills makes up the “Platinum Triangle”, one of the ritziest areas in the United States, with a median home value over $2 million. That alone will probably make a drive through Beverly Hills worth a visit, especially if it’s your first time in the area. 


Malibu:  Drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and take in the breathtaking visual beauty of the "27 Miles of Scenic Beauty." 


Rodeo Drive: Even if you aren’t planning on buying anything (it’s a tad pricey), Rodeo Drive is a fun place to take a stroll and take in the sights. 


Disneyland: While it is a little out the way, Disneyland is national landmark and can be visited in one day. The “Happiest Place on Earth” is the 2nd most visited theme park in America, behind only Orlando, Florida's Disneyworld. 


Dodger Stadium:  Amazingly, one of the oldest ballparks in baseball (it opened in 1962), but still one of the best. Worth seeing in person even if they aren't playing a game that day (but try to see a game there, it's well worth it). 


Catalina Island: If you have time to take a day trip, Catalina is a great experience. It takes about an hour to ferry from LA, and it is a great place to go for a day hike. The Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens are an excellent place to visit, and there are a number of rare plants in the Botanical Gardens.


Griffith Observatory: Featured in many films, perhaps most famously in Rebel Without a Cause, it is worth visiting both because of the interesting scientific displays and the tremendous view on the Los Angeles Basin. 


Other places to consider visiting: La Brea Tarpits, Knotts Berry Farm, Chinatown, Venice Beach, Echo Park, Queen Mary, Santa Monica Mountains, Getty Center, Pasadena, Rolling Hills.



Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Bureau

The Official Site of the City of Los Angeles

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