When to wear flip flops

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Know when to wear flip flops this season for a casual, comfy fashion statement

Without a doubt flip-flops are the ideal summer shoe. The casual design and barely-there feel are made for warm nights when all it takes to feel dressed is a slip dress and lip gloss. Aside from avoiding mosh pits and puddles, this style is made for walking almost anywhere. 

The first major factor to consider is weather - unless you’re one of those people who can wear shorts in snow without a shiver. For most of us, these shoes are best suited for the warmer days of April through September. Also, dry days are best as many styles become slippery in the rain.

Knowing when to wear flip flops is simple once you find a comfortable pair. The trick is to choose stylish flip-flops that suit your taste and shape preferences. If wedges or high heels are you go-to, look for a pair that has a kitten heel of slight wedge to support your arches. Flat soles are surprisingly uncomfortable to women accustomed to more support.

Flip-Flops are welcome when…

You’re on vacation.

There are no rules when you’re on vacation and these are a no-rules kind of shoe. Imagine trying to enjoy a margarita at lunch in shiny pumps? No thank you. Vacations are all about letting your hair loose and kicking back.

This particularly applies to those heading to the sea, a lake or campground. These shoes take up little space in the carry-on and quickly slip off when it’s time for a dip. Plus it’s always good to have a pair to wear in public showers at campgrounds and hostels if you’re going abroad on the cheap.

You’re at home.

They’re perfect for gardening or barbecuing outback because your feet won’t overheat. They offer basic protection from splinters and hot surfaces while allowing your feet to feel the breeze. 

Before, during and after a pedicure.

Pampering appointments are when to wear flip flops. Nothing will get you more excited for a trip to the nail salon than sliding into a pair of shoes that shout “Pamper me”. These are also the smartest footwear choice for practical reasons.

Besides, what’s the point in paying to have your feet look fabulous in summer if you’re not going to show them off? The trip home from the salon is ideal for breaking in a new pair, perhaps with a bit of bling on the straps?

You’re beach bound.

Whether you’re going to the beach to ride some waves during the day or catch an outdoor movie at night, the sand will destroy your precious leather sandals. Flop-flops are made to endure the wear and tear of sand and salt water. Any other styles look out of place.

You’re running errands.

Who wants to feel fancy shopping for groceries or waiting in line at the bank? No, you want to be comfortable and able to maneuver around with bags and not worry about a heel getting stuck in a grate.

You live in a warm region.

In northern cities, flip-flops are a seasonal treat simply because temperatures are often too low. Head down south to Atlanta, Houston or Phoenix where pavement gets hot enough to fry an egg and you won’t think twice about which shoe to wear.

Who doesn’t love the ‘CLAP, CLAP’ sound of soles hitting pavement? It reminds you that you’re someplace warm and casual. So what if we can’t all live in Hawaii or sail around the world.  It’s normal to wear clothes that make you feel good, and these shoes do that. Sometimes deciding when to wear flip flops isn’t so much a fashion choice as it is a lifestyle one. 

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