Fun winter vacation spots

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Enjoy a winter wonder land with your family and create unforgettable memories
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A winter vacation spot offers some truly unique opportunities and experiences

Most of us consider summer the season for barbeques, camping, and vacations. Summer isn't the only season that can make for a good vacation, however, and many people are opting to take their family vacations during the winter months. If you're looking for good winter vacation spots, there are many options available, both for those who love winter weather and those who are looking to escape to warmer climates. Best of all, most popular winter vacation spots will offer a family vacation package, which can save you money.

Cold weather vacations


Hershey, Pennsylvania
What could be better than spending time around the winter holidays in the chocolate capital of the United States? Hershey is the home of the famous chocolate company, and also home to Hershey Park, a family theme park full of attractions. The best thing is that Hershey Park knows how to do Christmas, and from November 15th through New Year's Eve, Hershey Park becomes a Christmas wonderland.

Visit with Santa and his reindeer, drive through a fantastic Christmas light spectacular, and enjoy the theme rides. In the evening, take in "Christmas in Chocolate Town," a dinner musical full of beloved holiday tunes.

Thirty miles from Hershey Park is Dutch Wonderland, a castle-themed park, and during the holiday season it becomes Dutch Winter Wonderland, where you can listen to Christmas stories, decorate cookies, play games and tell Santa your dearest Christmas wishes.

If you are a total cold weather buff, a true fan of the snow, then one of Norway's ice hotels would be a perfect, and completely unique, vacation spot. There are three popular ice hotels to choose from, and each one offers a variety of cold weather activities.

The Alta Igloo Hotel is just what it sounds like: a hotel made of snow. It is rebuilt every year, and has been since 1999. Everything in the hotel is made of ice, except for the reindeer hide sleeping bags you sleep in at night. The hotel is full of amazing ice sculptures and has an ice chapel and an ice bar. Next to the hotel is a service center with restrooms and showers, saunas, and a restaurant. There are two outdoor whirlpool saunas where you can sit and soak as you enjoy the winter beauty around you.

The Ice Lodge in Bjorli has combined breathtaking ice sculptures with colored lights and art, and have created an unusual and beautiful setting. While there you can go on a dog-sled safari, a horse-drawn sleigh ride, or enjoy some ice fishing.

Lake Tahoe, California
If you want to stay in the US, and take part in skiing and other traditional winter sports, then Lake Tahoe is a good choice. When you're not skiing, you can have some fun at the casinos or take in a show. Take skiing lessons, go tubing or snow shoeing, or just sit in the lodge sipping a hot toddy. Many of the resorts in Lake Tahoe offer child day camps or other activities, so that you can have some grownup time while the kids are having a blast learning to ski, doing crafts, or playing games.

Warm weather vacations


The Florida Keys
Whether you go to Key Largo, Islamorada, Big Pine Key, or Key West, there are plenty of places to stay, including all-inclusive resorts, rental homes, guest lodges, and hotels. While there, enjoy warm weather activities like snorkeling and diving, fishing, jet skiing, and golf. You can go on an eco-tour in a seaplane or a catamaran. Take the kids to the Eco-Discovery Center, or the Key West Nature Preserve. And if you just want to rest and recharge, take your beach towels and spend some time laying on the beach, soaking in the sun, while the kids build sand castles.

Monkey Mia, Australia
If you want a once-in-a-lifetime kind of vacation, then consider Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, located in Western Australia. For more than forty years, schools of dolphins have visited Monkey Mia every single day. You can swim with the dolphins, enjoy the white sands of the beach, go snorkeling, and even take a camel ride. Monkey Mia would make a truly unforgettable vacation destination.

When planning your next vacation, don't count out the winter season. A winter vacation can offer some truly unique opportunities and experiences.

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