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Anniversary gifts for couples

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The right gift ensures having a happy, memorable anniversary.
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Finding the perfect gift for the happy couple

Anniversaries are a very, very special time, whether it's celebrating years of marriage or a celebration of the first six months together. Selecting anniversary gifts for couples can be special too, especially if you know the couple well and what kinds of things they like.

Most couples celebrating anniversaries really enjoy keepsake gifts like plaques or frames, but they also like personal, romantic gifts. The most important element in giving anniversary gifts for couples is something that memorializes the special day and event.

Special Gifts

Personalized anniversary gifts for couples are really popular gifts to give. Things that remind them of their special time together or things that bring them closer are the kinds of gifts that would be welcomed by any couple.

This can include:

Blankets and Pillows

Throw blankets, pillows or afghans. These gifts are timeless and can be given at any special anniversary time. Make the gift even more memorable by having the blanket or comforter engraved with the couples initials or last names.


Home entertaining gifts items can include items like dishes, wine goblets, flatware or fine china. Many of these items are for special occasions and are very welcomed anniversary gifts! Many of them, the wine glasses specifically, can also be monogrammed with the couples names or initials.

Vacation/Spa Time

A vacation! This is certainly a gift that would be a big surprise for the anniversary couple. The vacation as a gift doesn't have to be anything elaborate. It can be a week-end get-a-way to one of their favorite romantic spots.
Or, you can give them a spa gift for couples at one of their favorite resorts. Treat them to a couple's massage and they will never stop thanking you for it!


The couple can never have too many photo frames. Since there are so many different styles and kinds of frames available, this gift can easily be made into a long-lasting keepsake.

To make it really special, find a photo of them that they don't know you have. Ask other friends, relatives, etc. Have the photo mounted into the frame and give it to the couple as a special gift. Not only will they be pleasantly surprised at the thought of the gift, but they will want to display it too and tell everyone about the story behind the picture.

To get even more ideas about what would appeal to the anniversary couple, ask their family or friends for ideas. They may be able to offer insight into other aspects of the couple's life that can give you creative ideas while gift shopping for them. Incorporating other lifestyle aspects of the couple can make shopping more fun and more flattering for the recipient.

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