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Bridal shower gift basket ideas

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Gift basket
An at-home spa day gift basket is perfect for the bride who needs some relaxation
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The bride will appreciate a thoughtful gift basket.

If you have a bridal shower coming up, then you know that a big part of bridal showers is the presentation and opening of the gifts. Bridal showers have become competitive as women arrive with more and more beautifully wrapped gifts. Set yourself apart by giving the bride a thoughtful gift basket.  

Here are a few bridal shower gift basket ideas to get you started:

At-Home Spa Day Gift Basket. Between seating charts and selecting invitations and all of those tiny, very important details a bride's nerves can become a bit frazzled. An at-home spa day gift basket is a lovely idea for any bride. Include luxurious scented candles made from pure essential oils, a bathrobe and slippers, manicure supplies and other yummy spa goodies. Also include bath salts, body lotion, materials for a facial and even new makeup or hair accessories.

Extreme Kitchen Gift Basket. This is the ideal gift basket for a bride who loves to cook. There are many fun kitchen gadgets available. This basket could include a garlic press, a pizza stone and recipe cards. Consider smaller items that would fit nicely into a gift basket, such as a handheld blender. Any cook would appreciate new cookbooks as well.

Crafty Bride Gift Basket. A creative, artistic bride would appreciate this type of gift basket. Is the bride addicted to knitting? Provide yarn and all of the materials necessary for a new project to keep her hands busy. Is the bride in love with scrapbooking? She would certainly appreciate a new scrapbook to keep track of her year as a new bride. Crafts can also help relieve stress and promote relaxation.

Buff Bride Gift Basket. Many brides take on a diet and fitness plan before the wedding to ensure that they look absolutely radiant in their wedding dress. A gift basket dedicated to self-improvement is a terrific idea. Give the bride an iPod or MP3 player full of energetic tunes to listen to while working out. Add new workout clothes and a pair of sneakers. Healthy snacks like trail mix or tropical fruit could be a great addition to this gift basket. Finally, provide a gift certificate for a massage so the bride can reward herself for all of her hard work.

There are a wide variety of gift baskets that you can create for the bride. When thinking of bridal shower gift basket ideas, consider presents that the bride would truly appreciate items that the bride doesn't have time to pick out because she's preoccupied with taking care of her wedding plans.

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