Sweet and spicy bachelorette party gift ideas

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Anything that treats and pampers the bride are great bachelorette party gifts. Give her a gift certificate for a massage or a facial
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Send off the bride in style with great gifts.

Lots of brides these days not only have a bridal shower to celebrate their upcoming wedding, they also have a bachelorette shower.

What's the difference?

A bachelorette party is an evening to get a little wild and crazy with your girlfriends. It's supposed to be that one last night, just like your groom will have his time-honored bachelor party. Many brides-to-be are embracing this tradition whole-heartedly!

Give the Bride Special Gifts

Tip for the wise:  Some of these are gifts she might not be showing off to her mother-in-law anytime soon, but all of them are in good fun and things that celebrate the bride's upcoming marriage and her friendships with her special gal pals.

Sweet to Extra-Spicy Lingerie

Lingerie is one of the top bachelorette party gift ideas. Lingerie can run from sweet to extra spicy – you can find something to suit any bride's style and personality. Give the bride a set of lingerie that she can wear on her honeymoon.

Bachelorette parties are often fun and sometimes silly, so giving her something that helps her express her wildest desires is a great idea. Even if your friend is a bit quiet, why not give her some leopard print lingerie to bring out her wilder side? You never know…she (and the groom) might really go for it!

Other Ideas for a Romantic Night

Things for the bride to use for a romantic night with her new husband make for great bachelorette party gifts.

  • Romantic CDs are great for setting the stage for an evening at home.

  • New perfume and body lotion are perfect to prepare for an evening of romance.

  • Candles of every size, shape and color are ideal bachelorette party gift ideas.

A bachelorette party is a great time to help the bride come up with ideas that will spark romantic days and nights with her new husband.

Gifts to Pamper

Anything that treats and pampers the bride are also great bachelorette party gift ideas.

  • Give her a gift certificate for a massage or a facial.

  • How about a gift certificate for a couple's massage that the bride and groom can both enjoy together?

  • Indulgent treats like gourmet chocolates, coffee or other goodies that you know the bride loves will always be a big hit.

The bachelorette party is all about the bride having fun and making her feel special.

Celebrate Your Friendship

Another great idea is to give the bride gifts that celebrate her friendships with her gal pals. Many brides worry that they won't be as close to their female friends after they marry. Giving your friend the gift of taking a yoga class together or a gift certificate for lunch or dinner together would be something the bride can look forward to after the honeymoon.

A bride's friends are very special and important to her. She will want to be sure to spend as much time with her true blue gal pals as she already does!

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