Christmas wedding decoration ideas

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wedding boquet pink and white
Using Christmas colors in your bouquet is a great way to incorporate the theme
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Nuptials can be enhanced by festive Christmas wedding decorations

Couples in love—how wonderful it is when lovers choose to have a wedding on Christmas or during the Christmas season. They mark with kisses and hugs each day that passes. They look into each others eyes. Are they trying to see each other's souls? Are they gazing into the future? Maybe they're pondering their decision—or thinking about the array of Christmas wedding decorations that will mark their union.


Decorations are the details that bring spice to any wedding. Spectacular weddings come in all sizes. Intimate gatherings of family and friends can be as beautiful as weddings that call for white tigers and limos longer than a conga line. It doesn't matter if your wedding will feature trays of champagne or a keg of frosty. The occasion can be made special with some forethought about lots of things, including decorations.


There are Christmas wedding decorations and other wedding supplies available today that will lend some elegance to a fancy affair or some fun to a casual bash. There are specialty products for unity ceremonies and tasteful decorations highlighting rituals between significant others. Something for everyone exists in the wedding industry catalogs of today.


But why not start your decorative thinking with the invitations? There are so many styles of beautifully decorated wedding invitations that you'll rarely see the same one used again. Some are custom designs that are truly one-of-a-kind. There also are lavish wedding albums and embossed wedding napkins. Silver ink and gold ink remain the favorites for printed invitations, place cards, imprinted favors and napkins.


Lots of options exist whether your post-wedding party is held at a fancy ballroom, a catering hall or in the church basement. All it takes is a little exploration to find everything from plush satin bows for the church pews to wedding guest favors that will become cherished souvenirs. The favors of yesteryear largely were confined to little ribbon-tied, white net pouches of sugared almonds. Not so, today. There's a full spectrum of choices when it comes to wedding decorations.



Christmas weddings can be extra colorful and lavish


Traditional holiday greenery such as boughs of holly laden with round, red berries and swaths of fragrant evergreen branches lend a festive look to any wedding held on or around Christmas. Natural materials such as pine cones can be clustered and tied with red ribbon for a homey touch. Holiday plants such as red poinsettias and white poinsettias can be arranged to line the aisle—or the staircase at the reception hall.


Food plays a big part in all wedding festivities. Tables are decorated with stark whites, vibrant colors or a mix of the two. Sometimes the color scheme throughout the banquet hall is dictated by the colors in the bridal party's dresses or by the flowers in the bride's bouquet. Glitter-sprinkled glass wedding bells, floral candle collars and floral table decorations add sparkle and beauty to any wedding celebration.


Online selections can minimize stress and cut down on mileage


Today, it's easy for a couple to disclose their gift preferences online. Numerous online wedding registries exist that enable out-of-state guests to forego guessing about gifts that would be pleasing to the bridal pair. Gifts can be selected online and shipped to the lucky couple. The service is much appreciated for when a guest needs to tote a dozen pieces of luggage, online shipping negates the need to carry in addition a carefully wrapped, sometimes fragile present.


Other online niceties include design services wherein the couple can custom-design their own wedding invitations. Sizes, colors, type fonts, type size, headlines, greetings and graphics such as doves, angels, ribbons and bows comprise an extensive palette of artistic choices for any creative couple.


Sometimes, a bridal counselor is a part of the wedding planning. Experienced counselors can minimize stress and smooth the transition from single to newly wed. They also can advise couples who may be joining hands for the second, third or fourth time. Widows, widowers and divorced people, too, remain optimistic in matters of the heart. These couples warrant the same care as first-timers.


Organize, budget and plan far ahead when considering various decorations


Wedding planners recommend an early start—up to a year—on many wedding arrangements. Details abound. Deejays and photographers need hiring. Flowers, gowns, menus and limos need attention. Motel rooms may be required for some guests. The availability of the church and reception site needs confirmation. Is the priest, rabbi or minister available? Check prices. Set a budget. Buy some aspirin. And, smile.


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