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christmas wedding
Having a Christmas wedding can be the perfect way to bring your family together for your special day
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Brighten up your big day with a few ideas for your Christmas wedding

The Christmas holiday season is one of the most romantic times of year, second only to Valentine's Day. Many couples get engaged on Christmas, and others choose the Christmas season as the perfect time for their wedding. Everything is festive during Christmas, which adds to the feelings of romance and anticipation. If you have family members who don't live close, but will be gathered for Christmas, holding your wedding near the holiday is a good way to keep everyone involved. There are so many Christmas wedding ideas you can use to make your day magical and beautiful.



The colors of Christmas are traditionally red, white, and green, but you are not limited to those colors. Burgundy, forest green, ivory, and gold are gorgeous together and can invoke the feel of an old-fashioned, Victorian Christmas. Silver and ice blue are wintry and often used for Christmas. Choose your palette of Christmas colors, and then incorporate them into every decision you make, from bridesmaids' dresses to wedding invitations.

Your dress will most likely be white or ivory, but you can choose a festive color for your bridesmaids' and flower girl dresses, and the ties and cummerbunds that your groom and groomsmen will wear.



One of the best things about planning your wedding around Christmas is that most churches and other venues will already be decorated for the occasion. While you will want to do your own decorating in the main room, the outdoor lights, foyer decorations, and other little touches will bring your holiday theme together.

Start with Christmas lights. The white, icicle-type will look gorgeous and wintry against white tulle. Use the tulle to wrap columns or drape in arches from the ceiling, and then drape the tulle with the white lights. This will create a snowy, holiday feel that you can then add to with the rest of your decorations.

Much of the decorating will depend on how many and what type of floral arrangements you will be using. Talk to your florist about your plans for a Christmas wedding. She will probably have some great Christmas wedding ideas to share as you plan the flowers. Poinsettias are traditional for the holidays, but any flowers can look Christmas-y if used in the right combinations.

Once you have nailed down your plans for flowers, you can make plans for the rest of the décor. Use the things we traditionally decorate our homes with for Christmas: candles, ornaments, and greenery. You may want to have Christmas trees if your venue doesn't already have some. You can also use candles, greenery, and ornaments to make simple, yet elegant table centerpieces for the reception hall.



Another way to really set the mood for your holiday wedding is to use Christmas music during your prelude and postlude. While the guests are being seated, some old-fashioned instrumental Christmas tunes can make the whole atmosphere seem reverent and celebratory.

Some of the great anthems of Christmas are perfect for processional and recessional music. "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" has a great tempo for walking down the aisle; "Joy to the World" would make a joyful and jubilant recessional.



As you plan your reception, the first item on your list will be your cake. Talk to your cake decorator; there are many ways to make a beautiful wedding cake that uses the Christmas theme. I've seen gorgeous cakes that look like stacks of wrapped Christmas gifts and others that are simple white tiers decorated with live red roses and greenery or poinsettias.

For the menu at your reception, think of the dishes that we normally eat at a Christmas dinner. Turkey, ham, prime rib – any of these dishes with all the garnishes and trimmings will make a delicious wedding feast.

Having a Christmas wedding can be the perfect way to bring your family together for your special day as well as for the holiday season.


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