Fall wedding colors

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Take your Autumn color cues from nature
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Fall wedding colors may be the best color palette a bride has to choose from

Conventional wisdom says the autumn bride should use archetypal fall colors, such as rust, gold, rich yellow and brown, but that rule is not carved in stone.

However, whatever your ultimate color theme choice, you may want to pay homage to the season since the colors are pretty spectacular and you canít go wrong using fall wedding colors.

Take your cue from the autumn flowers that are in bloom including chrysanthemums, which come in a host of rich colors including copper, pink, purple, yellow, white and mauve. The colors are vibrant. Apples are in season in the fall. Look at the colors they come in: Yellow, green, bright red, dark red.

Refer to a color wheel. Orange, an autumn color, is directly across from blue, which is the complimentary color of orange. Theyíre opposite on the color wheel. These two colors work well with each other. Light blue with dark orange looks especially good.

When referring to the color wheel, draw a triangle starting with your main color choice (e.g., orange) on the inside of the wheel and you see that yellow and purple form the triangle. This means these colors work well together. The bridesmaids can wear purple gowns and purple and yellow is incorporated into the bouquets and flower arrangements.

If orange is your pick, couple it with a light but rich blue, pink or purple. Orange also goes with red or green. Of course, black and orange is a good combo but donít make it look too Halloween-ish, unless that is your goal.

Another option is clothing the wedding party in varying degrees of one color, such as blue, creating a monochromatic look. When going this route you choose colors from the same family but in different shades, which is a sophisticated style.

Consider incorporating ombre designs into the wedding. Ombre is French for colors graduating from light to dark, reminiscent of a water color painting or a bit like tie-dyed. This is a dramatic look. If intent on using, for example, brown, the shades of brown in the bridesmaidsí dresses can graduate from dark to light or vice versa..

Outfit the groomsmen in different colored ties, all from the same color family but diverse hues. If your color is Indian red, dress the groomsmen in ties progressing from rich red to soft peach. The same goes for the bridesmaids. Their gowns can be the same or different style but in varying hues from the same color family.

Brown looks spectacular when paired with jewel tones, such as bright pink. Brown also looks smashing with cream or black, and varying colors of brown including cappuccino and mocha. Combine bold flower colors such as dark, rich red roses with orchids, hydrangeas with green or dark brown bridesmaidsí dresses. The men can wear brown formal vests with their black tuxes.

A truly beautiful color theme includes copper, gold and bronze. Think about using metallic materials, which provide some sheen and sparkles as well as enrich the atmosphere. 

Pale gold, various shades of brown along with cream is another appropriate color palette for the fall.

If intent on a white autumn wedding,then do it. The color palette is monochromatic in shades of white, ivory and champagne. Add a hint of fall color using mums, roses, calla lilies and greenery. Texture is as important as color. When the bride's gown features beads or other intricate details her bouquet should be simple so it doesn't draw attention away from the dress itself.

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