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Fall and winter wedding favors

By Robin Becker
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Fall and Winter Wedding Favors Reflect the Beauty of the Seasons.

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Unique seasonal favors can enhance your seasonal celebration.

With more cool weather weddings every year, fall winter wedding favors are more in vogue than ever. June weddings may be the traditional favorite, but each season has its own beauty and you can capture the beauty of autumn or winter in lots of ways that are imaginative and beautiful for your wedding favors. Think in terms of particular themes that reflect the unique beauty of the season when you are getting married.

Fall Means Rich Colors and Warm Scents

Autumn Leaves or Trees. Everyone associates fall with crisp, colorful leaves and the many shades of color they display. If you're having a fall wedding, you can find many different ways to include leaves in your fall wedding favors. You can find oak, maple and aspen leaf shapes of pewter, sterling silver or brass made into picture frames, votive candle holders, wine glass charms or ornaments that can be added to your guests' holiday trees a few months down the road. Delicate porcelain leaves are also lovely and come in many shapes and sizes. Many of these, particularly ornaments, may also have acorns and other intricate details.

For an eco-friendly fall wedding favor, consider packets of seeds or a variety of small, planted seedlings for your guests to take home and plant. They will then have a living reminder of your wedding day that they can enjoy for years. You can start these in tiny clay pots a few months ahead of time, and then trim the pots with raffia or ribbons in the colors of autumn, such as gold, pumpkin, scarlet and rich brown. Add a tag with a short verse about sharing in the "growth of your love" to finish them off. This is actually a great fall winter wedding favor, because you can simply change the color of the pots and plant evergreen seedlings to place tiny Christmas trees at each place setting.

Gourmet Autumn Flavors. Thanksgiving, apple-picking and canning are all part of fall, and the flavors of autumn are fragrant and spicy. There are so many flavorful options for fall wedding favors! What about individual tarts such as apple, pecan or pumpkin? These are certainly fall favorites; baked in decorative stoneware tart pans, they make a charming and flavorful favor that lasts long after the tart is eaten. You can personalize them even more by including a favorite recipe of your own for apple or pecan pie. Small jars of gourmet preserves in unusual flavors like merlot-cranberry or flavorful chutneys are a tasty treat that can be ordered with labels that include your wedding date and names.

Maple is another gourmet treat associated with fall. Melt-in-your-mouth maple candies shaped like leaves, acorns and pumpkins can be gathered in chiffon or organza bags tied with ribbon or raffia. If you want to truly personalize your maple favors, order some custom-made in shapes that are special to you, or have them made to include the bride's and groom's initials.

Mulling spices for wine or cider in individual packets or flavored herbal teas for your guests to curl up with on cool fall evenings are a special treat as well. Add honey straws or perhaps small honey spoons to complete the favors. Placing them in tea cups or mugs decorated with leaves, acorns or solid colors of the season will complete the look.

A Bountiful Harvest. Harvest means the gathering of fruits, nuts and berries. If you like the idea of candles for fall wedding favors, you can find wonderful ones shaped like apples, pears and grapes. Set at each place setting, they will create the look of a harvest table filled with the fruits of a successful harvest. Or consider apple or pumpkin butters in small jars with decorative lids. Mixed nuts and dried berries in small cornucopias can grace each place setting as well.

Winter Wedding Favors Call for Cool Colors and Holiday Sparkle

You can find lots of fall winter wedding favors on the Internet and in catalogs. The most important thing to keep in mind is that they should tie in with the overall theme of your wedding as well as reflect the season, so keep not only the time or year but your wedding colors and style in mind.

A Wedding Snow Festival. Snowflakes come in every shape and size, including crystal or sterling silver ornaments, shaped soaps and candles and delicate marzipan. You can find key rings, paperweights and trinket boxes in this popular shape to add sparkle and shimmer to each place setting. For a more unusual, funky touch consider miniature snow globes; they'll entertain adults and children alike. Personalized ones can hold wedding bells, a bride and groom figurine or doves and have a special sentiment along the bottom edge. Small pouches filled with bath confetti shaped like snowflakes are a favor that your guests will appreciate for the soothing relaxation it will give them.

Gourmet Winter Flavors. Any kind of luxury white chocolate is a wonderful treat, but you can add a holiday touch by getting creative. What about white chocolate bark that has crushed peppermint candies in it? Or white chocolate cups with small bottles crème de menthe or peppermint schnapps? Both men and women will appreciate these unexpected treats!

If you wedding is a Christmas celebration, Christmas cookies can be combined with holiday-shaped cookie cutters and a few of your favorite cookie recipes for a truly personal holiday favor. Terra cotta cookie presses are also an option, and are often so pretty that they can double as ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Tree Trimming Favors. It may seem obvious, but what better winter wedding favor than an attractive Christmas ornament? Porcelain bells, glittery snowflakes, or delicate doves…choose anything you like. Every year when they decorate their tree, your guests will be reminded of your special day. Nutcrackers are time-honored holiday tradition as well. Miniature nutcrackers wrapped with some unshelled mixed nuts is a great option; or consider nutcrackers for the men and ballerina ornaments for the women right out of the Nutcracker Suite.

Whatever your fall winter wedding favors are, they are sure to add to the seasonal splendor of your special day. Be sure to put some time into making the perfect selection to complete the mood at your wedding.

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