Flower ideas for a winter wedding

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Flowers are guaranteed to liven a winter wedding
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Add life to your winter wedding with these flower tips.

Although winter weddings are not as popular as spring and summer ceremonies, the coldest time of year offers great opportunity for putting together a beautiful event. One of the best ways to decorate and bring color to a winter wedding is with flowers. Here are some great flower ideas for a winter wedding.

The first thing to consider, especially while on a budget, is the type of flowers that are available. Shipping in flowers from across the country and beyond, is not only expensive, but it is possible that the flowers will not travel well, leaving you with wilted, sad-looking foliage. Purchasing flowers that are available in your area, or a short distance away, will ensure that your buds are fresh on your special day.

Another thing to consider is your color scheme. Winter weddings are a great time to incorporate a theme. Many brides and grooms choose to incorporate Christmas into their festivities while others choose decoration to reflect the time of year, adorning their reception sites with silver, icy blue and glass.

Base your flowers on the feel and design of the rest of the wedding. If your wedding is muted with cool tones to reflect the time of year, a great idea to give the festivities a punch of color is to introduce a flower in a bright, vibrant color such as pink or orange. If your winter wedding is based around Christmas, flowers should be chosen to reflect this, meaning white or red flowers will work best.

Flower Ideas for a Winter Wedding:


While many consider roses too overdone when it comes to weddings, the truth is that this flower of romance is used much less than other popular flowers such as lilies or daisies. The greatest thing about roses, in addition to their obvious beauty, is their hearty nature. Roses can stand up to the rigorous events of a wedding and keep their shape and color well. Red roses are beautiful in a silver-themed wedding and white or red roses work well in a Christmas-themed wedding.


Lilies work well at any kind of wedding summer or winter. These beauties come in a vast array of colors sure to brighten a winter wedding. However, be careful when using lilies in a Christmas-themed occasion. White and red lilies will look beautiful, but pink and orange varieties may clash with your decorations and look somewhat out-of-place.

Snowball Mums

Snowball mums are great flowers for a winter wedding. Not only does their name coincide with the time of year, but also the white varieties literally look like snowballs and are a terrific way to bring the ice and snow inside without leaving your guests chilled.  


Magnolias are a beautiful flower for winter weddings. The white variety blends in well with most color schemes and the brighter colored versions are a great way to add a pop of color to any wedding site. In addition, the wonderful scent they provide will make your guests forget the cold and frost outside and bring a feeling of warmth and sunshine to your festivities.


Among the obvious flower ideas for a winter wedding, especially one with a Christmas theme, is the poinsettia. The dark green leaves and red or white flowers are perfect for a winter wedding and will remind your guests of Christmas and the good cheer associated with this special time of year.


Carnations are a beautiful, rather inexpensive flower that will add charm to any winter wedding. Available in the Christmas colors of red and white, carnations are also available in beautiful bright colors such as pink that can be used to add a burst of color to a cool themed wedding. I recently attended a winter wedding where the flowers were two shades of pink carnations. Coupled with the silver and white theme of the wedding, this perfect warm color brightened up the reception hall with the perfect amount of color and made the white and silver in the room pop.

Flower ideas for a winter wedding are easy to come by and sure to make your festivities bright and beautiful.

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