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Great gifts for the bride and groom

By Rachel Hartman
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wedding gifts
Surprise the bride and groom with wonderful gifts
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It can be difficult to find a wedding gift that is both unique and memorable. Yet it is important to find a special gift for a bride and groom that you care deeply about. By choosing a gift carefully, you can help brighten their day and give them something that they will enjoy for years to come.


The bride and groom often receive china on their wedding day. While this gives them dinnerware for special occasions, it does not provide them with plates to use every day. You can help them out by purchasing casual dinnerware that can be used on a daily basis. Look for something fun that fits the style and taste of the couple. A set of four is often enough for newlyweds. Tell them where you purchased the dinnerware so that they can get more if they would like to.


After getting married, many couples move into a new home together. When this happens, they often need items to decorate the house. Getting them a nice piece of art, such as a painting, will help them add character to their home. Other works of art, such as ceramic figures or a sculpture, can also be used to decorate their new living place.

His and Hers Items

As the bride and groom begin their wedded life together, having items to celebrate their differences can be a fun idea. Consider looking for his and hers bathrobes, towels or slippers. His and hers watches also works well as a gift.


If you want to give something more affordable and creative, think about getting the bride and groom a guestbook. This can be placed in their living room or guest room of their home. When family and friends come to visit, they can sign the guestbook. They can also add the date of their visit and fill in comments about it. This will give the couple a way to record their visitors over the years. A lovely leather, satin or suede guestbook is a gift that will last for a long time.

Wedding Time Capsule

You may want to purchase a wedding time capsule for the bride and groom. You can wrap it up and give it to them; then offer to help them put it together. Look for things to put into it such as wedding pictures, a bulletin from the service, a newspaper headline, coin and stamp from the day, a video of the ceremony and reception, and notes from family and friends. You can write out a special message to add, wishing the couple happiness in their life together.

Small Appliances Espresso makers, toaster ovens, electric grills and other small home appliances all make nice additions to a newlywed's kitchen. If you are uncertain whether they have the product already, include the receipt in the wrapped package. This way, they can return it if necessary.

These gifts for the bride and groom are just a few of the many options available for weddings this summer. You can also look online and in stores for more gift ideas. A memorable gift will be greatly appreciated by the couple.

A wedding is an enjoyable time for all involved, including the guests. Carefulluy chosen wedding gifts will help them remember their special day, and let them start their life as a married couple with the things they need.

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