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Groomsmen gift ideas

By Matt Williamson
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the groomsmen at a wedding
Traditional, useful, or personal groomsman gifts are all acceptable in modern weddings.
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Buying personalized wedding party gifts

Buying for men on any given day is usually a difficult task, but when you're a groom buying for the men who will be in your wedding party, thinking of appropriate groomsmen gift ideas can definitely be a challenge. Most men are not known for their love of shopping or their gift giving abilities. Throw in the fact that now he is being asked to purchase gifts for four or five of his best buddies, and it's enough to throw any groom into a tailspin. However, with a little imagination and the tenacity to embrace the task at hand, any man can come up with some fantastic groomsmen gift ideas of his own. Traditional groomsmen gift ideas are often items like flasks, cuff links and pocket watches. All are masculine gifts and will be appreciated, not to mention useful. If traditional gift giving isn't your style, try and think of more unique groomsmen gifts. One great idea is stainless steel golf tees. Original and classy, this gift would be something the men in your party would appreciate. Here's a tip: engraving is an easy way to personalize any gift. Have the initials of each man engraved to make the present memorable and special.

In keeping with the golf theme, another great idea for your groomsmen is a gift certificate for eighteen holes at the nearest course. The men in your party can get together for guy time after the wedding and enjoy a day on the links. Along the same lines are tickets to a concert or tickets to a sporting event. A night out with the guys watching a hockey or baseball game is a gift most men would be more than happy to receive.

Amongst other personal and useful groomsmen gift ideas are haircutting, shaving or manicure kits. Note that not all men would appreciate a manicure set, just as not all of them would appreciate a seat on the first base line, which brings us to another great idea for purchasing your groomsmen gifts.

Traditionally, if there are five men in a wedding party the groom will purchase five sets of cuff links or five handkerchiefs, but newest rule to groomsmen gift ideas (and wedding party gifts in general), is that there aren't any rules. The groom does not have to purchase the same gift for each man in his wedding party. Think about the likes and dislikes of each man, and purchase a gift that you think he will appreciate. If you have a sports fan in the mix, tickets to a game might be in order. A scholar? Perhaps a limited edition of his favorite book with a personal note written on the inside cover. Not only does buying an individual gift for each man ensure that the groomsmen get something they want and will use, it is a great way to add a special personal touch.

Another example of personalizing your groomsmen gift ideas is purchasing magazine subscriptions. Now that there are a number of popular magazines available for male readers, a subscription to each of your friend's favorite publication would be a great gift idea. Cater to each man's interests and subscribe to a publication that they would appreciate. Fishing, golf, hunting or men's health magazines are all great choices. In addition, if reading doesn't appeal to one of your groomsmen a subscription to his favorite sport channel, like hockey or baseball would be a great way to personalize your gift.

No matter what groomsmen gift ideas you come up with, relax. These guys are your friends and they'll stand beside you at your wedding, and after, no matter what kind of gift you give them.

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